Accent Chairs

Nothing says ‘statement piece’ quite like an accent chair. When you really want to show off your sense of regal style, these beauties are your answer. We have a range of designs and finishes for you to enjoy, from rattan recliners to butterfly seats and fold-up director’s chairs. The materials include leather, industrial metal, wood and eco-friendly bamboo.

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  1. The Rocker
    Green Seat - Brass Base
  2. Directors Chair
    Black Seat - Black Base
  3. Butterfly Chair
    Tan Seat - Gold Base
  4. Rattan Conor Accent Chair - Black seat and Black Legs
    Black Rattan
  5. Butterfly Accent Chair
    Black Leather Cover - Gold Base
  6. Butterfly Chair
    Brown & White - Black
  7. Butterfly Accent Chair
    Black Ribbed Cover - Black Base
  8. Club Accent Chair
    Grey Rattan
  9. Butterfly Chair
    Black & White - Black
  10. Butterfly Accent Chair
    Brown & White Cow Cover - Black Base
  11. Butterfly Chair
    Tan Ribbed - Gold Base
  12. Butterfly Chair
    Black - Black Base
  13. Butterfly Accent Chair
    Tan Ribbed Cover - Black Base
  14. Colonial Arm Chair
    Grey Rattan - Grey Seat
  15. Rocker Chair
    Tan Seat - Nickel base
  16. Butterfly Accent Chair
    Black & White Cow Hide - Gold Base
  17. Directors Chair
    Black Seat - Natural Base
  18. Butterfly Chair
    Black Ribbed - Gold Base
  19. Brooklyn Dining Chair
    Blue Leather Seat - Dull Gold base
  20. Directors Chair
    Brown - Brown
  21. Portofino Rattan Chair Classic Style Italian-inspired
    Natural Rattan
  22. Butterfly Accent Chair
    Grey Rattan - Large
  23. Portofino Black Rattan Arm Chair
    Black Rattan
  24. Portofino Arm Chair
    Brown Rattan

24 Item(s)

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