About Us

Where Saints Go was launched in 2014 by my partner Mark and I following a later in life, ‘meeting of minds’ and a trip to India!

With both of us sharing a passion for interiors and with Mark having a long history in the furniture business, an online furniture store seemed like an obvious adventure for us to embark upon together. Initially we both worked full-time as well as running the online shop however as the business has grown we now have the absolute pleasure of dedicating our working life to the business alone. Something that we both love and enjoy.

Having very similar tastes, we both have a love of everything quirky and unique and this is hopefully represented well in the choice of the furniture on our website. Our goal is simple in that we try to source great quality, unique and beautiful products that we both love at an affordable price whilst still providing and maintaining always a great customer journey.

We hope that you would love our products as much as we do.



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