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The Medicine Tap

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s the latest addition to Rochdale town centre, The Medicine Tap is a new super stylish coffee house, cook house and bar, with a rich history. Set in what was once a post office, the bar has been lovingly and carefully refurbished, making the most of the architectural quirks of the grade II listed building.

Enabling the public to discover this architectural gem, the renovation gives the building a new lease of life. Read on to find out more about this impressive refurbishment and how Where Saints Go helped to complete the look

Black is Back

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Black is Back: Interior Styling to Create Contrast

Introducing balance into interiors is key to creating a cohesive scheme. In most cases, too many white and light tones can make a room look stark and uninteresting, and too many dark tones can make spaces feel small and unwelcoming. The key here is striking a balance between light and dark, creating a contrast to add interest and ground key pieces.

Black has always been big in interiors, but we are seeing it used more and more to create a cohesive interior style. Try introducing a new key elements or pieces to your home in rich, deep and dark black to pull your look together. Here’s how…

Top 5 Industrial Dining Room Chairs

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The dining room can often be a difficult room to configure, particularly when it is used at different times during the day. A style that is always effective in the dining room is industrial. Whether you choose to go for an entire industrial scheme, or give just a nod to this stylish trend with a few key pieces, adding an industrial edge to your dining room is a great way to modernize it in a way that won’t date quickly.

Industrial updates...

The easiest way to introduce an industrial style into your dining room is through lighting, accessories and your dining room chairs. If your dining room is currently quite neutral in style, add interest with industrial updates. Dark and raw industrial metals look great against an otherwise neutral and light scheme, adding that all important contrast.

The most effective way to add an industrial edge is to update your chairs. Apart from the dining table, your chairs will be a focal point in the room, and so are worth taking a little more time over. Here are our top 5 industrial dining room chairs…

The Butterfly Chair

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With a rich history, the butterfly chair dates back to 1938, when it was first designed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by well renowned architects of the time. Over the years, little has changed when it comes to the simple and sturdy design of this classic chair, just a little tweak here and there ensures the 21st century styles reflect current trends and demand.

High in versatility and instantly recognizable, the Butterfly Chair is the perfect addition to the stylish home. Read on to discover more about the original design and how to style the Butterfly Chair in your own home…

5 Ways to Add Industrial Style to your Home

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The industrial trend has been increasing in popularity over the last decade. As developers and home renovators began to incorporate raw materials and leave structural elements bare to reduce costs and make the most of what was available, it quickly became apparent that this approach to architecture and interior design was in fact highly desirable and well received.