Streamlined, design-led and always hitting the right style notes, Scandi bar stools bring timeless beauty and thought-out ergonomics to both kitchen and dining spaces. Explore our collection of Scandinavian-style bar stools below. Read more Characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, the Scandinavian design movement emerged in the early 20th Century before flourishing throughout the 50s and 60s, which is why it is often intertwined with mid-century style. Popular materials for Scandi stools include natural wood, bamboo, rattan, rope and fur. Durable, neutral-coloured textiles and subtle wood grain create stunning Scandi pieces that pair well with any interior. Other natural fibers such as fur and leather also have their place when it comes to Scandinavian style, often adding contrast or intrigue to a more pared-back accent. When it comes to styling your Scandi stools, less is more is a great rule of thumb to go by. Alternatively, feel free to head over to our blog for some styling tips and inspiration from the Where Saints Go founders themselves. Read less

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