Flat Sheets

Give your bedroom the feel of a fancy hotel. Explore our range of cotton flat sheets for single, double and kingsize beds. Available in clean and contemporary shades, you can personalise the feel of your home with luxury bedroom essentials. Read more Ensuring a super smooth and soft surface for sleeping while also protecting your mattress, flat sheets provide an extra layer of luxury and comfort between your duvet and mattress protector. While you’d be forgiven for thinking flat sheets are the same as fitted ones - they’re actually two different components of a bedding set. Both provide comfort, protection, and versatility. While fitted sheets offer a tailored fit and secure placement on the mattress, flat sheets add an extra layer of warmth and can be easily adjusted for temperature control and aesthetic purposes. Whether you’re looking for a single flat sheet, double bed flat sheet or a flat sheet for your kingsize bed, you can browse our range of beautiful cotton bedding in various different colours to find the one that’s right for you. Read less

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