5 Top Tips for Christmas Candl

5 Top Tips for Christmas Candle Arranging
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5 Top Tips for Christmas Candle Arranging

Creating that perfect centrepiece for the dining table, as well as choosing the right colour and style of candles for the home can make or break a Christmas Day décor theme.

This week, we’ve put together some tips, tricks and hacks to help you create that magical atmosphere for an extra special (socially distanced) Christmas. Here are our suggestions on giving your home a soft, cosy and festive glow that’ll be the envy of the whole street!

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  1. Stairway to Heaven


  • A contemporary, DIY take on a traditional Christmas décor concept that never fails to impress. We’ve all seen the classic candle arch that adds a beautiful touch to mantelpieces and windowsills – well how about trying a more rustic approach? Arrange some pillar candles of varying sizes, small through to large, and place them in a staggered, step-by-step design.


  • The perfect arrangement for a mantelpiece, this theme makes a terrific focal point for the living room. We reckon our Rustic Pillar Candles (coming in two sizes) are tailor made for this sort of display, ideally ones with Christmassy-themed colours such as white or green. Have fun arranging these and experimenting with different styles.


  • You could even opt for a multi-coloured display if you’re feeling bold!  Consider adding some ribbon to each candle to finish off the festive theme – we recommend choosing colours that contrast nicely with the wax shade, such as red with green, gold with black and black with white.
Try making your own Christmas Candle Arch this year!


 2. Vivacious Vases

  • Vases aren’t just for flowers. Placing a well-proportioned pillar candle inside and lighting it up can make for some truly mesmerising effects, the reflections of the flame adding an artistic and dreamy glow to any room.


  • Tall, narrow vases are ideal for this type of arrangement, but other shapes can be used – keep it varied to ensure a wonderfully cosy atmosphere.  

Vases + Candles = Cosiness!


  • Coloured vases and lanterns can have an even greater effect when implemented effectively. Rose pink glass, for example, emanates a beautiful glow with the addition of candles. Our Buddha Vase is a prime example. Drop some tealights into the bottom of this gorgeous vase and behold - you’ll be viewing your living room through rose tinted glass all night long!
For a rose-tinted Christmas, choose a Buddha vase!


  • 3 - Stack 'Em High 

  • Stacking candles together in a tiered pattern is a great option. The combination of several small flames when packed together creates a cumulative lighting effect, making for a super bright and bold display. You can use either pillar candles or tealights for this method, depending on the materials you have access to.


  • For pillar candles, grab yourself a tiered glass compote or something similar that has at least two levels and a relatively large diameter. Use the old ‘candle in a glass trick’ for safety and place your candles around the edges of the compote. If you’re up for a little foraging, you could even add some natural greenery for added effect. Consider adding holly, pinecones and berries to one of the other tiers for a fabulously festive feel.


  • For tealights, a tiered cake stand is just the right piece of kit. Ideally, choose one with at least three tiers, then simply arrange a healthy selection of tealights on each level. Add some tinsel or greenery around the edges, and voila! A simple yet effective centrepiece for the Christmas dinner table.
Get funky by improvising to create the perfect centrepiece this year!


4. Go Green

  • It just wouldn’t be Christmas without some appropriate greenery. Mistletoe, holly and ivy are the classics, but consider adding sprigs of rosemary, pinecones, cedar, berries and even cut Christmas tree branches for a varied effect. The great thing about centrepiece design is that there are no real rights or wrongs – the beauty with creative projects is that the experimentation phase is half the fun.


  • Placing an assortment of these bits and bobs around a candle display can achieve some truly professional looking results. The main lesson is, be brave and don’t be afraid to make alterations until you’re happy. Artistic projects require a great deal of patience at times!
Don't be afraid to splash the greenery...


    5. Splash the Scent

  • Are there many things more heavenly in life than a room filled with the aroma of your favourite scented candle? The perfect way of welcoming your guests in a subtle yet sophisticated manner, arranging fragrant wax around your home can transform your environment at the strike of a match.


  • Everyone has their own tastes, but our black WSG candles each have a scent that’s ideal for Christmas. Our range includes Black Vetiver, Dark Pomegranate, Oriental Bamboo and Velvet Rosewood. Scrumptious! Each one holds a unique inscription that speaks to the heart of all our Saints.  


  • What’s more, all of our WSG scented candles are currently 20% off, so grab them while you can!
Have you tried our scented candles yet?

So, there you have it! A few little tips and tricks to getting your candle theme down to a tee this festive season. Don’t be afraid to cut loose and go with what you think looks best – like we say, there are no hard or fast rules with Christmas decorations.


We hope you all have a wonderful (and most of all, safe) Christmas this year Saints. Whether you’re deciding to visit friends and family or staying within your bubble, we’re all hopeful that 2021 will bring some much-needed cheer after the tough year we’ve all had.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the team here at WSG, and…


Feel the Love!    

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