Summer Furniture Ideas for 202

Summer Furniture Ideas for 2021: 6 Chic Rattan Pieces to Invest In
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Summer Furniture Ideas for 2021: 6 Chic Rattan Pieces to Invest In

Ooh, it’s so good to finally see the sun again, isn’t it Saints?

After a miserable May to forget, the sizzling warmer weather has arrived at long last, and it looks like making more than just a cameo appearance for this month at least (fingers crossed!).

The great British summer often heralds the welcome return of a few simple pleasures in life. Cocktails on the lawn, the smell of cut grass, balmy evening BBQs and the return of… rattan!

You got that right - whether you’re adding a dash of texture to your dining room scene, an array of woven appeal to the terrace or a dose of natural flair to the garden, rattan furniture and summer weather go together like an ice-cold gin with tonic water and lime.  

With plenty of new additions to our ever-growing collection this year, we’ve hand-picked a few beauties that we know you’ll be hungry to snap up for the season. Without any further ado, grab the Pimm’s, plenty of SPF 30 and then let’s get cracking!

Nothing screams summer quite like rattan furniture!

Chairs with Flair

1. Solo Dining Chair

There’s nothing quite like sitting back with your favourite cocktail or iced drink in hand, feeling that cool summer breeze across your face and soaking up those rays in a chair that means business.

We live for these moments, which is precisely why we offer our Solo Dining Chair. The keen eyed amongst you may be familiar with the natural rattan version of this chair, but we’re now primed to launch a jet-black edition that’s jam-packed with even more sophistication!

Black rattan fanatics will be in their element with this gorgeous figure-hugging beauty, adding a spiritual boho vibe to the dining room, conservatory or garden area (although we must note that it’s best not to leave our rattan furniture exposed to the elements long-term – it’s advisable to bring indoors during the colder/wetter months of the year to ensure that it stays looking at its best).     

The black teak wooden legs add an extra element of texture to the design – a chair this comfy is too tempting to resist sitting in! You can check out our natural rattan edition right here as well. Whatever takes your fancy…

Anyone for a Black Rattan Solo Dining Chair?

2. Portofino Armchair

There’s a reason why we named this one after the idyllic Portofino coast in the Italian Riviera. Infusing a slice of Mediterranean luxury right into your very own garden is a breeze with this beautiful armchair.

Available in three luscious finishes, the Portofino takes furniture luxury to an all-new high. The ergonomic, flowing side arms are a joy to rest on, whilst the distinctive open weave provides a minimalist, classical aesthetic that doesn’t overdo it. The balance is just right.

Our featured image highlights a fancy Mongolian fur seat pad which you can also grab from our website, but going bare is just as solid an option for this fine specimen. We offer black, brown and natural rattan finishes, so you’re kind of spoilt for choice, really. Well, we do aim to please…

A slice of Mediterranean elegance should go down nicely this summer...

Side Table Sophistication

3. Batu Side Table

When you’re ready for a summer garden party that doesn’t do half measures, you can always count on Batu.

At 60cm tall, our side table is perfect at holding its fair share of cold drinks, cocktails and pitchers, but this versatile little rascal packs just as big of a punch indoors too.

When the weather turns foul, or if you feel like adding some summer flair to your living room or kitchen, this black rattan beauty can easily adjust to a swift change of interior.

A side table with a design this funky wouldn’t look out of place in a Tiki/Polynesian themed home bar, so the world’s your oyster when looking to accommodate Batu in either the home or a commercial environment. One thing’s for sure – good looks certainly don’t come as an afterthought with this table!

Drinks, anyone?

4. Kruk Side Table

Looking for some pint-sized rattan with a plus-sized attitude? Kruk more than hits the mark.

This ever-popular side table is the sidecar to your main rattan event, sidling effortlessly next to our Portofino armchair as seen in the image we’ve chosen here. 

With an adorable height of 44cm, Kruk combines a natural rattan top with a black wooden base, offering a deeply satisfying contrast in colours and materials to add plenty of variety to your garden/living room interior.

The tight weave of the rattan tabletop has been skilfully constructed, whilst the legs sport a neo-classical 19th century reeded design that adds subtle decoration to the overall product.

All you need now are a few summer tipples to christen this cheeky chappie with. We’ll drink to that! 

Side table sophistication is taken seriously with Kruk...

Bar Stool Bliss

5. Jakarta Bar Stool

There’s always room for a little exotic goodness in life, which is why our Jakarta Bar Stools always prove so popular (we named this one after the Indonesian capital, such is the unmistakable tropical vibe).

This one’s more suitable for either the kitchen or home bar owing to its 66cm height, which gives you even more of an excuse to spread the rattan far and wide throughout the home!

The open weave rattan and super skinny black iron legs all help to convey the ridiculously slender design of this bar stool. Jakarta is a terrific space-saver, whilst doubling up as its very own trend setter.  

We even offer two colours in both natural and black rattan - we’ve fallen to the dark side this time and showcased our current favourite in the chosen image below. But be warned, it can be tricky to decide – we often change our minds from day to day! Which one takes your fancy?

Natural or black? Or both?

6. Lombok Dining Chair

We’re finishing with a WSG classic. Our Lombok Dining Chair features a sleek shaker profile that’s guaranteed to lift your home bar, kitchen or garden boho rattan scene.

Again, this one comes in two varieties, but the black edition we’ve showcased here makes for an ultra-sleek look around the home. Long gone are the days where rattan was restricted to the garden only, giving you the freedom to display this chair in various rooms with no questions asked. Apart from your guests asking where you managed to find such a stylish little number, of course!

The tighter weave used in this type of chair lends itself nicely to a classic country style of rattan, albeit with a modern colour twist thanks to the bold, black tone. We recommend opting for the natural colour for a more pared back approach, or black for the full-on style guru effect!

Our Lombok Dining Chair is a classic for a reason.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re into a bohemian and organic look to your rattan, a best of both worlds approach or a more contemporary modern look, one thing that this wonderful material never fails to provide is texture.

Both rattan furniture and accessories add individuality to spaces and break up the repetitive block colours of walls and floors, as well as offering an instant focal point as soon as you walk into a room.

All of these products are great fun to use during the summer, but bring them indoors once the cooler weather sets in to transform your interior spaces in the best way possible. Versatility is often seen as one of rattan’s hidden secrets, so it pays well to make the most of it.     

Hopefully, this recent fine weather will hold, and we can have a summer to remember for all the right reasons this year!


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