7 Classy Home Bar Ideas to Cho

7 Classy Home Bar Ideas to Choose From

7 Classy Home Bar Ideas to Choose From

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of year where the home could do with a spruce up before the guests come over and the madness begins!

One area that is bound to prove popular over the festive season is the home bar. Whether you have one that’s looking a little tired or you haven’t yet dedicated a room for the sole purpose of getting tipsy, a revamped home bar can do wonders to the feel of a home.

So, without further ado, it’s out with the old and in with the new! Clear a suitable space in the lounge, kitchen or even the spare room if (if you can spare it!) and fill it with these handpicked pieces that will transform your very own watering hole in a flash.

You’ll be pouring out the snowballs and buck’s fizz before you know it...


Bar Stools

A quintessential component of any home bar, a well-designed bar stool is not an area you should be cutting corners with.

When choosing a bar stool, you need to take several factors into account. Comfort, durability, design and style are all fundamentals that require consideration before purchase.

More so, when choosing stools for the home interior, height is just as vital. Most home bar surfaces are smaller than commercial ones (generally around the 90cm height), necessitating a stool height of between 65 and 70cm.

Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of suitably sized stools at WSG in a smorgasbord of characterful finishes (whether you’re into vintage, bohemian, distressed, mid-century and more). Our first pick is just the ticket if you’re into velvet decadence...


1. Albany Bar Stool - Velvet

Kicking off in style, our Albany Bar Stool is the perfect choice for any velvet lovers out there!

Featuring an Art Deco-influenced design, Albany is ideal for infusing a vintage look throughout a classy home bar that’s looking to wow both you and your guests.

Velvet is a material long associated with luxury and prestige, and since the home bar is often reserved for special occasions such as parties and fancy get-togethers, it makes sense to spread the lavish textures and tones here.

Our Albany Bar Stools feature a stunning beetle-style seat that cosily encapsulates the user whilst demonstrating a minimalist, sleek design. If you’ve got any Great Gatsby/1920s parties planned, these beauties will add plenty of glamour to the occasion.

Available in a super selection of colourways, including blue, orange, green and beige, we also offer all our Albany Bar Stools in dining chair format – why not double up in the kitchen and dining room whilst you’re planning out your new bar!


2. Stepney Bar Stool - Vegan Leather (PU)

Vegans, listen up – you need not be excluded from our home bar bonanza this week! Our Stepney Bar Stools are crafted from polyurethane, a soft and supple vegan alternative to leather that’s bursting with WSG style!

Featuring high backs for maximum comfort, Stepney combines style and practicality to provide a wonderful new addition to your home bar scene.

A sleek, pencil-shaped black metal base offers plenty of industrial stability down below, whilst the addition of a handily positioned footrest adds further comfort for the user.

One key advantage of polyurethane (PU) is that it’s dead easy to clean and wipe down, making it the material to choose if you’re afraid of impromptu spillages in the home bar or up at the kitchen island. PU is also highly resistant to abrasion and tears, making Stepney one durable stool!

We offer these vegan re-vitalisers in several sophisticated colour options. If you’re looking to go down the rugged, industrial road, our brown edition is a fantastic choice (see centre, below). On the other hand, our beige edition marks a great contrast against a black bar top. Take your pick...


3. Diner Bar Stool - Leather

If you’re looking for the ultimate VIP experience, our Diner Bar Stools will not disappoint.  Metallic accents are back with a bang for 2021, so a generous helping of buffalo leather, burnished with a flash of metal in the base is totally in vogue for your revamped home bar experience.

Each Diner stool sports a ribbed leather seat designed to stand the test of time at either your kitchen island or bar counter.

The ribbed stitching and high-end blend of leather and metal is the visual definition of luxury seating for your home. Because these stools are made from handcrafted leather, you should notice unique imperfections in the seats that deliver a patina – no two leather goods are alike, delivering a distinctive edge to each stool.

Of course, we offer Diner in a range of exquisite colours. Whether you’re into blue and bronze, black and gold, tan and nickel or even fancy one of each, we’ll happily oblige.

Top tip:

When lining up your stools at a counter, it’s recommended you space them at least 15cm apart – this is a suitable gap to allow everyone to rest in comfort without clashing arms. Bear these measurements in mind when planning out your new bar space and select the correct number of stools accordingly.


Side Tables

Once drinks start flowing, it’s all too easy to neglect the side tables in your bar set-up, but you’ll need to set down those cocktails somewhere!

A well-designed side table shouldn’t dominate a room; it should complement it, offering style and practicality in equal measure.

Side tables should be simple to tuck away into corners and by the side of chairs. Small tables also create a sense of harmony and balance in a home bar or living room. They can make any space look cosier and more inviting, so if you’re after a more informal style of home bar, a side table or two will do wonders to your interior.   


4. Claude Side Table

The perfect addition to a line of Diner Bar Stools, our Claude Side Table features a stylish Art Deco design that’s perfect for a vintage influenced bar.

Sporting a wood, glass and iron form factor, Claude’s black and gold colour scheme is a highly sophisticated look for your home. The top surface is large enough to accommodate several cocktails, whilst a second surface down below is handy if you need any extra storage space.   

With a height of 65cm, Claude is well placed to position next to chairs and sofas. A great way of enhancing the look whilst also adding more light to your home bar is by placing a suitable lamp on your side table.

Choose a bulb that’s not too bright – you’d be amazed what a dash of soft lighting can do to transform a space.


5. Lagatha Side Table

Feeling more boho than Art Deco? We love to cater for all tastes at WSG, which is why we offer our Lagatha Side Table for all you lucky Saints.

The perfect blend of wood and metal, Lagatha is for the home bar fanatic that can’t decide between two fantastic materials!

This table’s rounded and weathered mango wood surface is plenty big enough to hold several drinks at once, whilst the lip around the edge offers a touch of extra security in case any beverages go flying.  

The distinctive cage-style gunmetal base is its very own work of art – if you don’t need Lagatha to store any drinks, you could simply place it on display as an ornament if you’re feeling radical!

With a height of 58cm, Lagatha looks terrific when combined with either metal or wooden furniture. The beauty of this hybrid design is its versatility.


6. Wallpaper - Cutlery Copper

Now that the furniture is sorted, your home bar makeover is almost complete.

But all those fancy new stools and tables will look a tad out of place if you don’t spruce up the walls while you’re at it.

If you’re going all out for an industrial theme, our Cutlery Copper Wallpaper by Mind the Gap delivers just the right level of glam to your revitalised drinking hole.

This distinctive wall art portrays gleaming copper fork and spoon patterns on a stark black background. The pop of the copper shade, when contrasted with the black backdrop makes for a beautiful effect, created for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Match this wallpaper up with plenty of gold and copper coloured furniture to convey a confident tone across your walls, and you’ll be the talk of the town in no time. Black wallpaper also compliments brown tones perfectly, so either our Stepney or Diner stools should make an ideal colour match.

If darker tones aren’t your thing, we’ve got plenty more designs where that came from! Check out the rest of our range to find your niche.     


7. Accessories - Putney Clock

Tick tock, time to make a real statement.

With the walls in check and the stools lined up, all that’s left is to accessorise your new home bar with some appropriate finishing touches.

We’re continuing the industrial theme with a bang, and why not? Our Putney Clock adds an extra element of character to your overhauled space (more importantly, it lets you know when it’s wine o’clock!).  

Based on a classic, minimalist design, this large industrial timepiece will make your walls sing. The type of clock face you’d expect to see in a mid-century, industrial-themed railway station, Putney is all about retro styling.

Featuring a gloss black metal case, white face and iconic red hands, you won’t have any trouble telling the time with this fancy piece. Make Putney the focal point to your home bar to maximise its large than life form factor, a clock that’s designed to stand the test of time!

Please note that this clock is powered by 1x AA battery (not included).   


As you can see, with just a few touches here and there (along with some killer new bar stools), a home bar revamp isn’t as complicated as it needs to be.

With a few clever choices when it comes to matching up styles and materials, you’ll soon have your new bar looking in tip-top shape, just in time for the festive season.

Have fun with your saintly overhaul and get that champagne on ice!


Feel the Love! 


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