7 Cosy Ways to Make Your Home

7 Cosy Ways to Make Your Home Autumn Ready
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7 Cosy Ways to Make Your Home Autumn Ready

Those long, warm summer days and evenings are a distant memory, soon giving way to the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, ever-shortening daylight, colder temperatures and perhaps the first sprinkling of frost on the lawn.

With, inevitably, more time at home this year, it’s a chance to refresh, reorganise and make the most of what you have.

Move over Marie Kondo – this is the WSG approach to clearing the clutter. WSG believes that giving your home a seasonal makeover can make a world of difference, so grab those scented candles, concoct yourself a mug of steaming hot chocolate and read on.

Autumn Pumpkin

1. Autumn De-Clutter

Venture right to the back of those wardrobes… if you haven’t worn it for two years, then let it go! And what about those once-loved items cluttering up the garage? Did you ever use that exercise bike after all?

It’s a time to think of others, so dropping off old items you’ll never use again at a charity shop is therapeutic. It’s also a great way of moving forward and readying your home for friends and family (hopefully!) visiting this festive season.

It’s out with the old, in with the new, and making space for new décor and Christmas gifts into the bargain! It’s time to make the house feel more like a home.

2. Get Scented

Spring and summer months mean lots of time with the doors and windows open, letting in fresh air. During autumn and winter, achieve a cosier effect with incense sticks, scented candles, air fresheners or even homemade potpourri. Here’s our little how-to-guide for fab home-made potpourri:

Home-Grown Potpourri in 1, 2, 3...

Start by gathering your ingredients. Naturally, you’ll need some flowers (your choice), some essential oils, (pick a scent you love!) a jar or bowl for display purposes and a fixative to keep the potpourri smelling nice for longer. We recommend orris root as a fixative, but alternatives are available. You can easily find this online or in a herb shop). You’ll also want to grab an oven tray and some parchment paper. OK, let’s get started!

  • Snip the stems of your flowers and remove the petals to separate the individual parts. Cover your tray with the parchment paper and place the flower parts on top.

  • Next, add your oils. Lavender oil is a particular favourite of mine, but everyone has their own tastes. Experimentation often leads to some fantastically smelling results!   

  • Oven bake the whole lot for a couple of hours. With an electric oven, a safe temperature is around 90C (200F), but no hotter. The end result should be potpourri that feels brittle. If it’s still soft, give it some extra ‘cooking’ time. Once done, add your fixative and a touch of extra essential oils, then present your finished product in a decorative bowl, funky container or whatever takes your fancy. Improvise to get some fab rustic results!

Now your home will be looking (and smelling!) a million dollars during the autumnal and subsequent wintery days and nights.

Potpourri Image

3. Wallpaper Up

Redecorating the walls can transform the look of your home. Adding a splash of warmer, more mellow tones for the darker months can inject some really cosy vibes.   

Oranges, browns and yellows are great autumnal colours, and fortunately WSG has just the option for you.

Our Cole & Son Ardmore Wallpaper, showcasing a terrific leopard print design is perfect for autumn. Consider this along with the rest of our wallpaper range this October if you’re seeking some gorgeous wall art ideas.


4. Candle Light

Candles are a dead safe bet (apart from the fire risk!) when you want you make a room look and feel cosy. Fortunately, there are thousands of options, from scented, coloured, pillar style, tealight size, extra-long burn times… the list can be endless!

What’s more, here at Where Saints Go we’ll very soon be adding a fantastic selection of candles to our line-up, as well as a range of candle holders and tealight holders. Watch this space!    

If real candles are too much hassle, flameless, battery alternatives are another great option, so a quick look online should help you find some cracking offerings. 

WSG Candles

5. Designer Drapes

Curtains can have a seasonal vibe to them too. Lighter colours and thinner materials are in their natural habitat during spring and summer, but come autumn and winter it’s time to switch things up a little.

Enter the darker shades and heavier fabrics that hang with a sense of grandeur. This makes sense given you’ll be indoors more, so your curtains should really demonstrate this fact.

Make sure you match the colour up to the room décor. Materials also play a big factor. Great options to use for autumnal curtains are velvet, (not cheap, but can look stunning) tapestry and suede.

Curtains in Room

6. Cushion the Fall

Cushions, pillows and throws are a super simple yet highly effective way of adding a cosy touch to a bedroom or living room experience.

Finding some that are styled for the colder months ahead isn’t difficult. There are loads of options out there so get hunting! 

Cushion covers are also a cheap and easy way of transforming the look of your bed and sofa accessories. Try to match up the colours with the feel of autumn.


7. Bedroom Boost

Giving your bedroom an autumnal overhaul makes going to bed at this time of year a joy. So, what are the best ways of transforming your sleep space?

Get a new bedspread – This is a super fun, warm and cosy way of getting your bed looking fresh and in vogue. Opting for a different material to your summer spread (consider duvets and blankets with larger tog ratings for extra warmth) is a great idea for this time of year.

Lighting - Candles aren’t necessary, but consider different light shades, bulbs that emit warmer colours and even coloured lighting to really set the mood in your boudoir. Paint the room red with mood lights!

Final Thoughts

Following just a few of these tips will help improve the atmosphere of the home as we head into the darker, colder months of the year. There are plenty of other ideas and tricks online as well, so have a look around to find what works for you.  

Give some of these a try and you’ll be amazed at how different the home can look with just a few adjustments here and there.

Have fun giving the home a spruce up, and we’ll see you next week Saints.

Feel the Love!

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