Top 5 Rules for Decorating wit

Top 5 Rules for Decorating with Bedside Tables
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Top 5 Rules for Decorating with Bedside Tables

Styling a bedside table is where the fun begins!

Following on from our ‘How to Pick the Perfect Bedside Table’ blog, we’re continuing the theme of nightstand fashion in style.

This week, we’re sharing the lowdown on how to decorate the bedroom with a bedside table that’s a cut above the rest in terms of shape, function, colour and design. We’ll be covering the main points to consider in order to maximise the interior design effect of your soon-to-be new bedside buddy.

Don’t forget, we’ve got an incoming range of brand-new bedside tables coming very soon, so it’s a great idea to use this blog as the perfect planning reference before making your purchase.

Shall we get started?

1. Space it Out

Space is such an important factor to consider nowadays, in UK homes especially. Bedrooms come in a huge variety of sizes, from small apartment styles to large, period homes with bedrooms that don’t scrimp on the square footage.

The key here is to scale your choice of bedside table to the room appropriately. A tiny nightstand in a large bedroom can totally dwarf the furniture, and vice versa. A larger than average bedside table in a small room will dominate the space which is far from ideal, so use your common sense when choosing and always have your accurate measurements in mind.

Taking the time to plan around your dimensions can save a lot of wasted time and effort, and you will grow to appreciate a thoroughly thought-out room that hasn’t been rushed during the prep stage.

Making space for your bedside table is a golden rule to achieving a gorgeous look.

Photo by: Studio McGee - Portfolio Image

2. The Rule of Three

Three is a magic number! Bob Dorough was on to something when he wrote his seventies hit, and for good reason.

When it comes to personalising your space on a bedside table, deciding to stick to three main objects is a great rule of thumb to follow. From both an aesthetics point of view, and to cut down on clutter, consider sticking to three accessories where possible. This might include one lamp, one photo frame and one book, for example. 

Conversely, if you opt for fewer than three items, you risk making the overall effect appear sparse and lacking in thought and creativity. Keep the scale consistent, try to vary the items in terms of style/function and you’ll be on to a winning design in no time.

Stick to three accessories where possible to achieve an uncluttered, artistic look.

Photo by: Studio McGee - Portfolio Image

3. Shake up the Styles!

Nothing screams a glaring lack of interior design acumen than a mundane splurge of the same homogenous materials all around the room. Matching a wooden bed with a wooden table, with a wooden chair in the corner and a wooden lamp on the nightstand is just so… boring!

Achieving a fresh and varied look isn’t rocket science, it just requires a dose of careful consideration.

A metal lamp on top of a wooden table immediately demonstrates an appreciation for natural and industrial styles in the same space, just as how a ceramic vase can perfectly compliment a metal nightstand when executed correctly.

Check that your colours are a good match, and then be brave enough to try out a look that you may never have considered before. It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t quite work, but experimenting with new styles can often lead to spectacular results. Take a risk and reap the rewards!

Mixing styles together often results in a far more creative effect than blending the same ones.

Photo by: Furniture 123 - Harper Grey Solid Wood 1 Drawer Bedside Table

4. Flower Power

A well-chosen vase with a beautiful floral display can make all the difference to a bedside table. The look, smell and feel of cut glass and bright petals can break up the colour scheme beautifully and provide the perfect foil to a wooden, bohemian, industrial or classic style that you’ve lovingly created.

It’s a good job we’ve recently added brand new lines to our existing WSG collection then…

Matching a vintage/industrial theme of nightstand with an Art Deco style of vase is always a winner, and you won’t get much more Art Deco than our Dimichis Vase. Featuring a cool as a cucumber shade of green, a 1920s shape and just the right height for most bedside tables, this glass wonder makes a superb bedroom accessory.   

A stylish vase and flowers can make all the difference to a bedside table effect.

We’ve also got more than our fair share of both dried and synthetic flowers, so depending on your preference, choose something that offers a sprightly colour contrast to your bed and table.

If plant maintenance isn’t your thing, but you’re after a burst of vivid tones, our brand-new artificial Lavender Planter is your ideal bedside table companion. The bright purples and greens will flourish, particularly on a wooden or rattan nightstand that conveys a natural theme.

Artificial floral displays are often the best of both worlds.

5. Light the Way

Finally, we can’t talk about bedside table styling without covering lighting. 

Not just for decorative effect, the one staple that virtually all nightstands need is a lamp to read by and to provide a reassuring source of light that can be turned on at the flick of a switch at arm’s length. 

Fortunately, there's a huge array of bedside lamps out there that come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Finding one that brings out the very best in your choice of bedside table is important. If you’re going down the industrial theme, an angular and metallic design always works well.

Gold makes a superb contrast to black for example, so stick to tones that lift the look of the table rather than meekly blending in. Alternatively, wooden tables can have their natural texture broken up by bold whites and creams.

Size is also a key factor to consider. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing a lamp that’s too small for the table. A useful rule of thumb to remember is that your lamp should be around a third of the width of your bedside table – this leaves room for other items but still allows the lamp to hold its own in terms of appearance.

Choosing lighting is not a job to be underestimated.

Photo by: Studio McGee - Portfolio Image

You’re now well on your way to planning out your next bedside table armed with an array of styling tips to achieve a truly spectacular looking bedroom.

And don’t forget to look out for our brand-new collection of nightstands that we’ll soon to be adding to growing list of eclectic décor.

Stay safe as always Saints, and we’ll see you soon.


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