Eclectic Autumn Styling

Eclectic Autumn Styling
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Eclectic Autumn Styling

The air has a newfound crispness, the trees have on their vibrant jackets of mustard and magenta and your local coffee shop is working wonders with sweet-flavoured syrups. It’s officially autumn. It’s the season of cosiness and comfort, with shorter days that are both gloomy and golden. It’s a time of back-to-school bustle, of new beginnings and big bowls of creamy vegetable soup (we don’t make the rules.) Just as the northern hemisphere dons its warm-hued wardrobe, interior design and decor trends turn to deeper shades of burgundy, brown and aubergine. Ultimately, autumn is visible proof that change is good. Thousands of people flock to the rural countryside to observe ‘fall foliage’, bedeck their homes with gourds and ghouls and begin to transition from the great outdoors to their carefully curated, cosy indoor spaces. 

Inviting, autumnal decor doesn’t have to be endless pumpkins and knitted quilts. Our very own stylist and product expert Faye Leeming suggests subtle touches can be just as effective when looking to achieve the ideal aesthetic for those cosy autumn evenings. Faye tells us “A mixture of textures and finishes is key to creating that cosy, cocoon-like environment that we all seek during this season. Think statement sheepskin alongside natural wood and radiant brass. You can easily build up a warming palette via layers of small, perfectly considered accessories. If you’re working with a tight budget or space, even changing things like your throws, cushions and lampshades will have a noticeable impact.”

Faye has rounded up her four top tips for effortless seasonal styling throughout autumn. Accessible and affordable, we’re going to talk you through each and even provide some of our very own suggested pieces picked out by the experts.

Four tips for effortless autumnal styling

We pride ourselves on the exclusivity of each WSG piece, the unparalleled quality of craftsmanship and of course, our excellent interior advice. Our four tips for effortless autumnal styling are:

  • Mix your textures and fabrics
  • Opt for imperfect rustic ceramics
  • Accessorise with warm-toned glass pieces
  • Add displays of rich faux florals

Mix your textures and fabrics for complete cosiness

Pair the voluptuous fur of our Barcelona Armchair with the smooth swirl of radiant brass that is our Belle Table Lamp, and finish it off with the Tall Trees Table. This combination of fur, natural wood and glowing gold-tone exudes a warmth that is bang on trend for autumn without compromising on quiet luxury.

If you’re working with what you’ve already got, scan your chosen room and make a list of the materials on show. If you’ve only got velvet furniture, for example, you could introduce some rustic natural wood to offset the plush shimmer while building warmth. If, on the other hand, you’ve got too much wood going on, you need to create contrast with bold, rich colours such as burgundy or olive. If you’ve already got a beautiful blend of materials and just want to create warmth, simply look up. There’s a chance a statement lampshade is what your room may be lacking. For year-round appeal that lends itself well to autumn, we love our handwoven Senegal Lampshade.

Opt for imperfect rustic ceramics 

Ceramics are for life, not just for autumn. Versatile and transitional, our extensive range of rustic ceramic accessories encompasses vases, sculptures and those brooding, enigmatic urns that look centuries old. For warmth and texture, we love the Thalia Vase, Pandora Vase, Burton Vase and Ava Sculpted Head Bookends. These pieces add depth and personality to shelves, coffee tables and consoles, and also provide beautiful homes for your faux floral displays - more on those below.

This colder season does also unfortunately mean less time spent outdoors. That’s why adding more greenery at this time can help with the fewer hours of daylight and reduced opportunities to get outdoors. Recreate the feel of a zen garden with our range of faux houseplants and the stoic seated Buddha sculpture.

Warm-toned glass pieces

Want to inject some autumnal colour without having to overhaul your existing interior? An incredibly easy and budget-friendly way to do so is by simply adding some coloured glass vases, sculptures and other accessories. For example, the Adele Sand, Adele Chocolate and Buddha Rose Vases create a beautiful play of light and radiance, serving as multi-functional storage and display vessels, too.

Other accessories that inject instant warmth and texture include the range of Ember and Drift candle holders, bringing with them a sense of bucolic charm that will make you want to draw the curtains, light the fire and pour yourself a generous glug of malbec.

Add displays of rich faux florals

Nothing says texture and taste quite like the combination of our Contorted Willow Branch alongside the Burgundy Eucalyptus Stems. Dramatic and beautiful, this duo is great for styling in one of the ceramic vases mentioned above and placing on the floor in a corner, or atop a console for an oversized statement.