How to Decorate the Dining Roo

How to Decorate the Dining Room this Christmas

How to Decorate the Dining Room this Christmas

Whether you’re hosting for a small, medium or large contingent this year, there’s no doubt that the dining room truly comes into its own at Christmas time.

Often the focal point for the most festive of celebrations and the grandest meal of the year, trimming up this room can make all the difference to the mood, come the big day.

Leaving your friends and family with a warm, festive glow can be stressful to achieve at times. This is especially true this year, as many families plan larger gatherings to make up for the lockdown-imposed Christmas we had to endure in 2020.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a great selection of accessories to transform your dining room from a Scrooge-fest into a winter-fest!

Have a gander at these decoration ideas, and you’ll be dancing around the tree singing along to Mariah Carey in no time!

Room Decorations


Spread the Greenery - Potted Pampas Grass

Despite the cold weather and lack of sunlight, a well-decorated dining room cries out for some much-needed greenery at Christmas time. 

Holly, mistletoe, wreaths and poinsettias are traditional favourites. However, there’s a reason why we’re anything but ordinary at WSG – why roll out the same old cliches when you could try something different this year?

We reckon that the only way is faux – and we mean it! Our Potted Pampas Grass is a tall, colourful and textural decoration to savour in the dining room this winter. Standing at a height of 120cm, place this beauty in the corner of your room, providing a pretty piece of foliage that doesn’t get dwarfed by your other decorations. 

What’s more, it doesn’t need any maintenance thanks to its everlasting synthetic design. It’s often enough trouble remembering to keep the Christmas tree watered (and sweeping up the needles!), so take a load off your mind with this exotic offering.

Pull up a Pew - Wishbone Dining Chair

Of course, a dining room doesn’t function without dining chairs, but there’s a world of difference between average chairs and luxury chairs. 

For a cosy winter feel this year, our Wishbones with a twist will transform the look of your dining area into a Scandi-wonderland! If you want to treat your guests to the ultimate seating experience, our Wishbone Dining Chairs with fur will bring a smile to any face. 

Boasting the classic, mid-century Hans Wegner 1949 design, these iconic Wishbones also come with a goat’s fur-lined seat, adding texture and warmth to your environment.

A great option is to match the colour of the fur up with a rug of your own choice – we’ve got three gorgeous finishes to choose from (brown, black and white), so whatever your preferred tone, we’ve got you covered. 

There’s nothing quite like the snuggly feel of fur, so these Scandinavian beauties are guaranteed to lift the look of your dining room in an instant! 

Light Up! - Rustic Pillar Candles

A home without candles at Christmas just doesn’t feel right. The perfect time of year to spread your love of candlelight, candles are essential to any festive-themed interior.

Spread a few of our Rustic Pillar Candles around on side tables, mantelpieces and windowsills and you’ll soon put the merry mood into overdrive.  

Mood lighting is an important feature that shouldn’t be overlooked at this time of year. A soft glow around the room that people will congregate in can transform the atmosphere. If you’re a fan of colour, choose several different shades (we’ve got a load of options in our rustic dinner candle collection, whilst our large pillar candles have an ample burn time of around 80 hours – enough to last you well into the New Year!

We’ve also got a fantastic range of candle holders, so take your pick and light the way to a fabulously festive Christmas! 

Table Decorations

Ok, that’s the build-up sorted. Now it’s time to spruce up the main event – the dining table!


Champagne on Ice - Bird Feet Ice Bucket

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tipple or two – whether you’re into champagne, buck’s fizz or chilled white wine, plonking the bottle on the table without an ice bucket just wouldn’t be proper, would it?

Therefore, your dining table beverages need to dress to impress! Our Bird Feet Ice Bucket is a great option, thanks to its Christmassy gold colour scheme and adorably quirky design. Standing at 35cm tall, this funky champagne holder makes a beautifully industrial and glamorous centrepiece to your table whilst dinner and drinks are being served. 

Engage your taste for all things that sparkle and shine with a drinks holder that means business this December! 

All Round Styling - Lincoln Dining Table

If space comes at a premium in your dining room or kitchen (or you’re only hosting for two or three guests this year), then a compact dining table will save you time and effort.

A circular table is ideal for a smaller-sized Christmas – there’s less chance of elbows clashing, the table itself has a smaller footprint than a rectangular shaped one and it also creates a more intimate setting. 

With this in mind, our Lincoln Dining Table will serve up a treat this year if you’re in the market for a cosier option. Measuring at 120 x 120 x 76cm, this nifty beech wood table will fit into virtually any room, providing a relaxed yet stylish alternative to a larger surface. This size is brilliant for apartments, plus the black-finished wood is a great blank canvas for you to add dashes of colour to the room with your choice of accessories and greenery. 

Cheeky Finishing Touches - Novelty Coasters

Christmas is a great time to be silly and not take things too seriously. Novelty decorations and accessories are a brilliant way of expressing your creative side – whether you’re feeling naughty or nice, our Novelty Coasters will undoubtedly raise an eyebrow or two!

Featuring cork backs to prevent skidding, scratches and watermarks from ruining your new Lincoln Dining Table, these drinks coasters are a lot of fun. We’ve got a vast array of different designs for you to choose from, including George Michael and Line of Duty (one for the diehard fans!), but our Tinsel Tits edition is a rather appropriate design for this time of year, wouldn’t you agree? 

With a generous size of 9.52 x 9.52cm, your topped up tipples will be in good company this year, thanks to these quirky and colourful drinks mats. 

Innovative Improvisations - Buddha Vase

Improvising with your decorations is all part of the fun, which is why we reckon our Buddha Vase doubles up as the perfect way to show off your fairy lights around the dinner table this Christmas.

Place a strong light source inside, and the rose-coloured glass will give your dining room a beautiful glow. Of course, you could always use it for its original purpose and place some sprigs of holly or festive flowers inside – but we’ll leave that one up to you!  

A few twinkling battery-operated lights could even be used in combination with a collection of winter berries, twigs and other seasonal greenery. Again, this is a wonderful opportunity to get creative and style it however you like. 

At a height of 23cm, this vase makes another excellent centrepiece for a small dining table, or you could place several in the middle of a larger table. 

If you’re stressing out over the Christmas decorations, especially in the dining room this year, relax. After all, this is a time of year to be thankful for the things we do have. 

Therefore, a few little improvisations, hacks and creative arrangements here and there can transform your home into a cosy and inviting space, ready to accommodate friends and family for the big day.

We hope you’ve found our suggestions helpful and that you enjoy preparing your dining room for Christmas Day. Remember to make the most of the moment and the precious time spent with loved ones, especially since things were so different last year.

From the whole team here at Where Saints Go, have a wonderful Christmas! 


Feel the Love!

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