How to Style a Drinks Trolley

How to Style a Drinks Trolley for the Ultimate Summer Cocktail Party
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How to Style a Drinks Trolley for the Ultimate Summer Cocktail Party


Who doesn’t love a tipple or two at this time of year? We love to raise our glasses from time to time here at WSG, especially over the summer season!

There’s definitely something about the warmer weather that gets us all in the mood for a few cocktails once the sun starts shining (or in the home bar when the inevitable rain decides to rear its ugly head)!

Whatever the weather, we’ve got a couple of downright delectable drinks trolleys on our website that are ready to be snapped up for those special party occasions.

Whether it’s our Art Deco influenced Antoine Drinks Trolley (below) getting you into the 1920s swing of things, or our rattan Tiki Bar Trolley breathing the spirit of Polynesia right into your own home, it’s important to get the look just right.

With a little help from a few cleverly chosen accessories and design secrets, you’ll be turning that style gauge up to 11 in no time!

Right then Saints - grab the nearest glass of fizz (preferably alcoholic), find yourself a comfy recliner and read up on our tantalising trolley tips…


Our Antoine Trolley is perfect for an Art Deco inspired cocktail party.



1. Spread the Greenery


Of course, alcohol is the main event when it comes to drinks trolleys, but adding a splash of greenery can make a huge difference when decorating the bar cart of your dreams.

Adding houseplants either on top of, or by the side of your trolley adds instant texture and warmth, softening the effect of the ubiquitous metal and glass on display.

We reckon that faux plants are the way to go, as they can be left to their own devices and never wilt! Positioning a tall planter next to your trolley helps to draw the eye into your crafty cocktail scene, so be sure to choose something bold and beautiful. Our Bay Tree will certainly do the trick.

Depending on the size and style of cart you’re decorating, you could also place some smaller plants on alternating shelves to help break up the main theme of glassware, but be careful not to go overboard. You want to achieve a nice balance that doesn’t dominate the scene.


Spread a little greenery with our gorgeous Bay Tree.



2. Get Seasonal


Well, it is summer after all. Adding seasonal touches to your bar cart brings out the unique sights and smells of this time of year, and will have your party guests suitably impressed.

The fragrant zest of citrus fruit is a good place start – loads of summer cocktails and drinks can be given an instant lift with these staples, so it’s time to get creative.

Place a handful of lemons and limes (or other fruits) into attractive glass bowls or dishes and arrange accordingly to your preference.

Be sure to match your ingredients to your choice of cocktails - use sprigs of mint if you’re into your Mojitos, or perhaps some sliced cucumber for a G & T.

Glass containers are also great as they show off your various concoctions nicely, allowing the ingredients to do all the talking. Think glass jugs, pitchers and jam jars – go with the flow and see what works for you.


Summertime is ripe for lemons...    


3. Mind the Glass!


Sure, we’ve all got glassware lying around the home, but is it really up to the task of making your drinks trolley shine like a diamond? Those generic tumblers at the back of the kitchen cupboard might be ok for a quick drink or two, but if you’re planning on holding a drinks party, I’m afraid you’re going to need an upgrade…

Depending on the style of bar trolley you’re using, this can make all the difference. For an Art Deco look to match with our Antoine Trolley, opt for champagne saucers and ‘old fashioned’ tumblers to rock an authentic Gatsby theme.

The 1920s heralded a golden age of colourful cocktails such as Mint Juleps, Ginger Ale Highballs and Raspberry Rickeys. Clear glasses allow the colours of drinks like these to shine through, so choose vintage styles that reflect the period accurately.  

If you’re more of a tiki bar fanatic, and have already indulged in our beautiful Tiki Bar Trolley, then tiki glasses are your obvious go-to. Coloured glass varieties are great fun, but you can also find ceramic versions that look just as impressive.  

Serve these up with plenty of rum-inspired recipes, such as a Zombie, Mai Tai or a Scorpion.


Anybody fancy a Zombie?



4. Don't Forget the Side Tables!


Smaller drinks trolleys can get a little overcrowded when you’re trying to decorate them with a lot of paraphernalia. And this is before you’ve included the alcohol!

Setting up some side tables is the perfect way of giving you more space to let your creative juices flow. Placing a couple of extra surfaces next to your bar cart can transform your cute little cocktail corner into a fully functioning home bar, so don’t be afraid to add extra pieces of furniture to the scene.

Going glam is the ONLY way this season, so it’s just as well that we’ve got a fine selection of brand-new side tables for you to indulge in over the summer. In-keeping with an Art Deco/Grand-Millennial theme, our Benedict Oval Tray Table seamlessly adds to the 1920s vibe thanks to its ornate, filigree gold iron detailing and vintage flair. Cheers!


For a Grand-Millennial look like no other, our Benedict Oval Tray Table ticks every box going.



5. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!


Decorating your drinks trolley is always half the fun, and that’s even before the drinks start flowing!   

Little trinkets, statues and novelty items are a great way of adding that finishing touch to your crafty new cocktail area – the wackier the better.

Our Bobo Candle Holder is the perfect cheeky chappie for providing an extra element of fun and character. You don’t even need to use him to hold candles - he looks too cute just on his own.


Life's more fun when Bobo's around!


Cocktail Corner


Ok, so you’ve suitably dressed up your bar trolley – now it’s time to get those drinks flowing!

Here are a couple of our favourite cocktail recipes, one for each of the genres we’ve mentioned throughout this blog.


Orange Blossom

Forget the Screwdriver, this tastebud tingler is the perfect Prohibition-era drink that’ll have you dancing like it’s the Roaring Twenties in no time. You’ll need:


1. 1 ounce of gin

2. 1 ounce of sweet vermouth

3. 1 ounce of orange juice, freshly squeezed

4. An orange wedge to garnish


Pour the gin, sweet vermouth and orange juice into an iced shaker and shake until chilled.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with the orange slice to serve.


Who's up for an Orange Blossom?

Credit –




This one’s a cheeky Tiki tipple, but the name alone makes it rather enticing, wouldn’t you agree? You’ll need:


1. 2 ounces of rum

2. 2 ounces of fresh pineapple juice

3. 1 ounce of fresh orange juice

4. 1 ounce of coconut cream


Put the job lot into a tun, along with a scoop of ice. Give it a good shake and then pour into a Collins Glass. Sprinkle some nutmeg and either orange or pineapple on top to garnish as desired.


The perfect name for a cocktail - the Painkiller!

Credit – The Spruce Eats


And there we have it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our styling tips in this week’s blog – you’re now all set to prepare for a cocktail party that’ll be the talk of the town all summer long. We’ll drink to that!  


Feel the Love!


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