Best Industrial Chairs to Use

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Best Industrial Chairs to Use in the Home Office
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Best Industrial Chairs to Use in the Home Office

Best Industrial Chairs for Working From Home - Where Saints Go

Home-based working can take some getting used to. Adding an industrial theme can help lift the vibe of your workspace and be a motivation booster

The pandemic has forced many of us to ditch the age-old office politics, long chats around the water cooler and seemingly endless coffee runs. Instead, previously office-based workers now find themselves dealing with new distractions such as impromptu Zoom calls, ringing doorbells and the kids running riot. Sound familiar?

Well, at Where Saints Go, we’ve decided that at the very least you can give your home study an industrial makeover to improve both your mood and the look of the place. Here are our top picks.


1.    Copper Tolix Chair

Copper Tolix Chair from Where Saints Go

Industrial in its purest form factor. Copper Tolix's all copper construction makes for one snazzy piece.

When you think industrial, what springs to mind? Dark, dingy tones such as dark browns, blacks and greys? Perhaps reconsider that assumption when you sample our bright and bold Copper Tolix Chair.

Exemplifying fine grade metal in its purest form, the Tolix is copper no matter where you look. Looking like a chair that’s been pressed from one single sheet of the stuff, this takes the very best of 1930s Art Deco styling and has been inspired by Xavier Pauchard’s 1934 design (a legendary French pioneer of galvanisation).

Not only does it gleam and shine, providing a stunning addition to any home office or study, one of the magical properties of copper and its alloys is that they have mild antimicrobial qualities.

We’re not claiming that the Copper Tolix Chair is going to protect from disease, but in these uncertain times it makes sense to upgrade your work zone with something that both looks a million dollars, and is also proven to reduce bacterial contamination better than other metals or surfaces, such as plastic, wood or leather.  

It’s also lightweight – weighing in at only 4.2 kg, it’s easier to handle and move around your room than you would think for something designed from top-notch materials. So, you can rest easy if you need to rotate your office set-up to catch those late afternoon rays whilst you’re typing away. Plus at under £100, it’s a steal. What’s not to love?

2.    Capri Industrial Leather Dining Chair, Antique Camel

Capri Industrial Leather Chair

Coming in stock in September, here’s a sneaky peek for you to get seriously excited about.

The Capri Industrial Leather Dining Chair demands that you slide into its effortless backrest and sliding seat that lips and tapers gently down on to its supportive base.

The modernist frame is a marvel of design, the way that the U-shape curves downwards as one single, aesthetically pleasing flowing line.

The Antique Camel Leather seat is also a joy to sit on, giving you one less thing to worry about as you work your way through your daily tasks.

This chair can also just as easily be used as a dining chair; if you love it so much, once you’ve clocked out for the day you could take it out of the home office and into the kitchen or dining room to carry on sitting in luxury. Or you could just buy more than one. Simple, eh?

3. Gansevoort Road House Chair

Road House Chair 

Gansevoort comes in a dizzying array of colours and materials. There's at least one out there for you.

The great thing about our Gansevoort Road House chairs is that we’ve got so many combinations (colours, materials, leg design) that you really can find one that perfectly matches your home office décor.

Like leather? We’ve got plenty in black, light brown, dark brown, camel, navy blue…

Prefer cow hide? Try black & white or brown & white.

Don’t like cross legs? Switch things up with hairpin legs, or straight legs, or…

You get the picture. In essence, whatever your eclectic choice in industrial chairs, there’s a Gansevoort out there for you. Oh, and did we mention how comfortable they are? You’ll practically melt into their moulded seats, meaning you won’t want to leave the home office by the time 5pm rolls around – how’s that for a productivity incentive?

    4. Black Wire Chair, Tan Seat Pad

Black Wire Chair Tan Seat Pad

A 1960s designed classic, the Black Wire Chair is a minimalist industrial beauty.

Another one to add to your diaries, we’ll be stocking the Black Wire Chair with Tan Seat Pad come September, so there’s not long to wait. You can pre-order now if you’re snappy.

The steel frame is pleasingly minimalist, providing an effortlessly retro classical design based on a 1960s model. This would easily tuck under a home desk and has the industrial stability to live a long life as your work buddy, thanks to the steel constructed framework. 

The comfortable and stylish tan goats leather seat pad makes sitting down all day a breeze, thanks to its cushioned design.  For fans of retro, minimalist chairs that can handle a daily workload in a cinch, it’s hard to look past the Black Wire Chair. Again, the versatility of this chair (just like the Capri Industrial) means it can easily be transferred to other rooms of the house, notably the kitchen or dining room.

5. Director’s Chair with Solid Wood Folding Frame – Brown Leather

Directors Chair

The Director's Chair with Folding Frame is a pleasure to sit in and work all day.

This foldable chair that’s ideal for the home office or study makes being a director all day seem a breeze, if it involves sitting in something as comfortable.

Because of its foldable nature, this can easily be transferred from room to room. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a dedicated workspace in your house for home working, this is ideal for bringing down from upstairs and setting up temporarily at the kitchen table, dining table or living room table, depending on wherever you find most appropriate for work.

Then once the day is done, it can easily be folded up again and moved out of the way, leaving room and space for evening activities.

This probably makes our Directors Chair with Solid Wood Folding Frame our most practical industrial chair on offer.

The genuine buffalo hide seat and backrest ooze quality and authenticity, and that rich deep brown finish is enough to make anyone want to relax into its supportive frame.




2020 will forever be known as the year that WFH (working from home) or telecommuting as it’s often known, as went mainstream.

Once seen as a potential luxury only afforded to certain working sectors became a necessity for so many people due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

This could also become the new status-quo for many companies, as they realise the plentiful benefits; costs saved on not needing to hire out office space, not paying for parking, avoiding the dreaded rush hour commute and cutting back on buying lunch every day from the sandwich van.   

Because of this, it’s so important that you take the time to really consider your home working space. This involves checking whether the desk or table is at the correct height to avoid long-term back strain and getting the most comfortable chair, whilst also making it as stylish as possible to fit in with a gorgeous industrial theme that you’re introducing to your pad. We also have a seat height chart on our website that should help you decide this.

These few suggestions should be enough to get you started on figuring out your best work station that’s only a few steps from your bedroom. But even if you don’t work from home, many of us still have a home study that could do with a breath of fresh air in terms of its décor, and perhaps a lick of paint. Adding industrial themed furniture can make a huge difference to the look of any room. It’s time to upgrade your style!

So for now, take care as always and we’ll see you next week.

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Tag: #working from home, #industrial chair, #office chair, #dining chairs, #coronavirus, #furlough Inspiration


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