Inspiring Interiors: A Quickfi

Inspiring Interiors: A Quickfire Q&A with @stayinginstudio
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Inspiring Interiors: A Quickfire Q&A with @stayinginstudio

All these long days, blissfully light evenings and the recent warmer weather help to bring out a little extra style inspiration in us all!

The summer season is a great time of year to think about an interior design refresh – the plentiful daylight means that it’s out with the dark, wintry colours and in with the bright and bold bohemian textures.

One of the most popular exponents of the summer boho trend is interior style guru Kirsty, the magic behind the home décor and renovation-focused Instagram account @stayinginstudio.

Kirsty’s mass fan base of over 27k followers love her use of colour and texture throughout her interior posts, giving us all some fantastic ideas on how to incorporate a similar theme in our own homes.  

We managed to grab a few minutes with Kirsty, as part of our quickfire Q&A sessions that have become such a popular fixture on the WSG blog.

Once you’ve read up on our interview, head straight over to her Instagram page and give her a cheeky follow if you’re yet to do so!

Here’s what Kirsty had to say:

It's boho textures and colours galore at Kirsty's place!

Hi Kirsty, thanks so much for agreeing to do a quickfire Q&A with us! Since interior designs are such a fundamental part of your brand and content output, we’ll start with a few décor inspired questions.

Q1: Have you always been passionate about interior design, in one way or another? You must have learned a lot over the years through experience. Any tips for readers looking to potentially start their own renovation project?

A1: I’ve been passionate about interiors ever since I owned my first property at 19. Over the years, I’ve become braver without worrying what anyone else would think of my choices. Instagram and Pinterest have definitely stepped me out of my comfort zone.

To potential renovators, follow your instincts, go with what makes you happy.

We love the bold colours on display inside this kitchen area.

Q2: Your home looks absolutely incredible! How long did it take to renovate, and what challenges did you face along the way? We’re struggling to think of a better example of how hard work pays off in the end!

A2: Thank you! Our bungalow has an idyllic country setting, but we dismissed putting in an offer numerous times as it was just too small for our family. We didn’t consider renovating until we were running out of options once our old house had sold.

When we decided to go for the challenge, the structural work took approximately 18 months. We added extra rooms through extensions, whilst also knocking through internal walls.

This was followed by plastering, rendering and installations. I would say it was all a challenge as we lived in the property throughout.

Nothing beats a bit of boho chic!

Q3: Your love of pink and coral is certainly no secret (even down to the fridge!) judging by the dazzling interior snaps that you share with your mass following. Is there a knack to making bold colours work in a room?

Do you meticulously plan your colour scheme, or just be brave and go wild?

A3. I lay in bed awake overthinking colour schemes! Annoyingly, I usually end up choosing the first one that comes to mind.

I struggle to picture an idea if I can’t see it in front of me - for example, I knew that I wanted blue cladding in the bedroom, as all the photos I had seen showcasing the wallpaper I had chosen had dark grey shades with it.

I wanted something calming and bright, but kept doubting my choice and wondering if it would work. After many paint testers (grey included), I fell in love with the blue and never looked back.

Kitchen inspo goals!

Q4. You’ve recently become the proud owner of two of our Jakarta Bar Stools. We’re so delighted that you like them – it looks like the rattan goes perfectly with your mean and green houseplant themed kitchen!

Are you a fan of natural-based furniture materials in general?

A4. Absolutely! I love these stools as they add a boho vibe to my country kitchen, giving it a modern feel which runs through the bungalow.

Hmmm, something looks rather familiar here...

Q5. We love the wide selection of products that you sell on your own website. Your love of boho is well-represented throughout your range.

Would you describe the bohemian genre as your favourite style of décor, if you had to choose?

A5. Most definitely! It brings a relaxed vibe to any home, using textures, colour and patterns. I think that boho runs through every room in our home.

Can you spot our Bali Rattan side table in the corner here too?!

Q6. Ok, a bit of hypothetical advice needed. If I were looking to redecorate a room from scratch, but couldn’t pick between two or three classic design styles, could I incorporate them all or should I commit to one?

A6. For sure, you should incorporate your passions. My bedroom is a perfect example of this – I’ve gone for some Granny Chic wallpaper with a modern bright feel.

Granny-chic is back in vogue!

Q7. Finally, your ‘Staying In’ brand moniker couldn’t have been a more perfect term to promote as of late during the numerous COVID-19 lockdowns.

Being an online business, have you seen a change in the spending habits of customers during the past year or so, or have you had to evolve to adapt to any changes in demand?

A7. Luckily, I was prepared and took COVID seriously during the first instance. I ordered double the stock that I usually would and am super grateful that I did. I had never been so busy - my customers were spending money on their homes, rather than holidays and socialising. Many still are.

I am forever grateful to my loyal customers who genuinely want to buy and support a small business.

Houseplants galore!

That’s fantastic to hear, and it’s no doubt a testament to your passion and work ethic that has helped you to maintain such loyal support during these tough times.

Thanks again to Kirsty for taking some time out to answer our questions. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram account – you’ll find some beautiful inspiration to help you add a dash of boho colour and flair to your existing interior.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little Q&A session this week, and that it’s given you all some food for thought in terms of your own style overhauls, big or small!   


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