Interior Trends for 2024

Interior Trends for 2024

Interior Trends for 2024

We’re almost one month through the year already, which means interior trends for 2024 are already taking shape. While last year we saw trends like quiet luxury and bold colours take precedence, we also saw the welcome return of clean and comfortable Japandi and a touch of old-money eclecticism, could we call that the Saltburn effect? 

2024 is set to be a year of personalisation, comfort and colour. The big debate on bouclé (is it in, or is it out?) will be settled, and sustainable Scandi will continue to be a major preference for shoppers all over the world. While design trends may come and go, our priority is helping you create a home, or a space, that grows and evolves with you. We believe in shopping for everlasting pieces that can stand both the test and trends of time. By keeping informed with annual trends, you can see your existing pieces through a new lens and get creative with your interiors.

Brown is the new grey

Mirroring the fashion world, Brown is set to have its interior moment as greys continue to fall out of favour. Gone are the cold, sterile tones of modern grey - we’re ushering in an era of warmth, comfort and luxury. Think warm olive and hazel tones, rich tan leather and deep camel shades.

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Abstract and organic shapes

Curves will move through into 2024 in the form of furniture, mirrors and rugs. Whether you compose abstract and organic shapes alongside clean, industrial lines or create a space of constant, softened curves for a feminine feel - a strong shape is key.

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Bouclé to stay (but shift)

Bouclé will remain as variations in texture become key. In keeping with the popularity of brown shades, bouclé upholstery will move towards warmer dimensional tones. Think 70's vibes - bouclé paired with braver patterns, layered textures with woven textiles, knits and statement wallpaper.

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90's Industrial interiors

Yep, flashbacks of the '90s are everywhere else, so of course they’re going to crop up in interiors. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting lava lamps and inflatable furniture - think warehouse chic - tiled or exposed brick, stainless steel, aluminium, and chrome will create that nostalgic look with a focus on kitchens. Chrome accessories, hardware and finishes asre set to make a comeback.

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Dining Chairs take centre stage

Dining chairs will become a key feature, transforming any dining table and updating the entire dining room aesthetic. Distinctive shapes, interesting features and strong unique silhouettes. Bold colours, warmer hues and an eclectic mix make these the new statement pieces.

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Scandi neutrals

Scandi warm neutrals feed into the ever-developing sustainability trend which becomes more of a lifestyle choice rather than purely aesthetic-based. Individuals don’t just want pieces inspired by nature that bring the feel of the outdoors in, they are genuinely interested and bothered about what their shopping habits do to the planet, and where they are sourcing their pieces from. If you’d like to know about our sustainability commitments, you can read about them here.

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Personality en place

Interiors in general become more personalised - individuals begin to put personality into their spaces moving away from the paired-back, off-the-peg neutral look that dominated 2023. Bold, statement tiles and oversized artworks will curate unique spaces to be lived in and enjoyed.

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Original features meet new pieces

Traditional interiors collide with the contemporary. For example, characteristic Victorian details paired with bold and vibrant pieces in rich strong colours, bringing a playful element with added pattern. People will be braver when designing spaces around existing key pieces.