Introducing the Manchester Fur

Introducing the Manchester Furniture Collection

Introducing the Manchester Furniture Collection

Oh Manchester, how we love thee.

Not only is Manchester the birthplace of musical legends such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Joy Division and New Order, but it’s also where computers, Rolls Royce, passenger trains, competitive football and even the Suffragette Movement were born. It’s an iconic, important and industrial hub of culture that evolved from an ancient Roman fort into the home of the Industrial Revolution.

Manchester also happens to be the home of Where Saints Go, which explains our penchant for the industrial aesthetic and our excellent music taste, if we do say so ourselves. In a homage to our beloved Rainy City, we recently added a range of new products that take their name from the different areas and landmarks that make Manchester so iconic.

Each handcrafted by skilled artisans, the chairs in our Manchester range are predominantly industrial and contemporary in style, bringing hand-dyed and hand-stitched leather upholstery alongside matt-black metal structures. Characterful and high-quality, each statement accent chair taps into the industrial heritage of the city, with elements of traditional craftsmanship. This is furniture that says ‘I wanna be adored.’

Industrial Accent Furniture: The Manchester Collection

From the Deansgate to the Didsbury, all pieces are named after an iconic area. The range features a selection of chairs intended for different purposes including leather and metal dining chairs, stylish office chairs and grand accent armchairs for the living room. Discover each of them below.

The Afflecks Office Chair 

A sprawling indoor market with a history reaching back to the 1860s, Afflecks is a mecca for alternative culture and curiosities of all kinds. A go-to for vintage fashion finds and the place to shop during the 1990s Madchester Summer of Love period, it now gives its name to one of our luxurious leather and black metal office chairs.

The Ancoats Dining Chair

Once the home of major industry and a key haunt for Manchester’s violent Scuttlers gangs, Ancoats is now a scenic stretch of Grade II listed buildings and foodie hotspots. That’s why it also lends its name to our comfortable leather and metal dining chair. The Ancoats Dining Chair spots contemporary tapered legs and a ribbed leather seat. Both industrial and versatile, the comfortable chair is available in a range of different colours. 

The Castlefield Dining Chair

A relaxed and quaint area where old mills line the sides of the canal, Castlefield is home to a Roman fort and an open-air concert venue. The place to go for culture, music, history and food, it’s only right that we name a dining chair in its honour. Contemporary, clean and wonderfully comfortable, the Castlefield Dining Chair is an interior icon. 

The Deansgate

Available as both a bar stool or dining chair, the leather and metal Deansgate takes its name from the longest road in the city centre, which connects the north with the south. Perfectly straight and over a mile long, this historic thoroughfare inspired the smooth, slender and straight lines that can be admired in the structure of both our bar stool and dining chair.

The Didsbury Lounge Chair

A rural village up until the Industrial Revolution, Didsbury is a suburb of Manchester, sitting on the north bank of the River Mersey. With wide, tree-lined streets and plenty of charming Victorian architecture, this coveted and upmarket area was the obvious name choice for our tan, real leather Didsbury Lounge Chair.

The Piccadilly Armchair

Grand and impressive, the Piccadilly Armchair takes its name from Manchester’s main railway station. Inspired by traditional leather accent chairs, the seat features careful hand stitching to create a ribbed effect. Supported by short legs of solid wood, it is available in a choice of black or brown.

The Portland Dining Chair

Manchester’s Portland Street is home to some of the city’s most significant buildings including the Grade II-listed Watt’s Warehouse and the Portland Thistle Hotel. Our Portland Dining Chair also offers iconic architecture, with tapering legs, winged sides and a ribbed backrest. 

The Oldham Office Chair 

Oldham is a town in Greater Manchester that lies among the Pennines. At one stage, it was the most productive cotton-spinning mill town in the world, producing more than both France and Germany combined. Such a productive history is recognised in the Oldham Office Chair, which features a wheeled base and a ribbed tan leather seat and backrest.

The Tib Office Chair 

The River Tib is a minor tributary of the River Medlock and now lies underneath the city centre itself. Historically, it marked the boundary of the Roman settlement Mamucium before it was culverted in around 1783. Our Tib Office Chair forms part of our trio of stylish office chairs complete with wheeled bases and luxurious leather upholstery.