Level up Your Home this Autumn

Level up Your Home this Autumn with our Velvet Furniture Collection: 7 Key Elements to Keep in Mind
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Level up Your Home this Autumn with our Velvet Furniture Collection: 7 Key Elements to Keep in Mind

Now that the summer heat has finally faded, we can start to look forward to a cooler autumn on the horizon.

Whilst this may herald the return of darker nights, colder weather and an end to the holiday season, it’s also a wonderful time of year to get super creative with your interior spaces.  

It’s out with the bright blues and greens of summer, and in with the crisp yellows, burnt oranges and vivid reds of autumn. Cosy season has arrived Saints, which means it’s time to break out the smoothest material of all – velvet! 

Despite its luxurious and premium texture, velvet is also highly durable - perfect for home furniture such as sofas, chairs, bar stools and accessories. This is also the time of year where people start to congregate inside more, creating a need for more hard-wearing furniture materials due to their increased use.

To get you straight into the swing of things autumnal, we’ve hand-picked seven velvet pieces from our extensive homeware collection, giving you the perfect excuse to treat your interior to the makeover it deserves.


1. The King of Chairs - Presley

If you like your velvet served with a slice of mid-century sophistication, Presley will rock your world!

Featuring a super smooth ochre polyester velvet upholstery, this is one rockstar that demands centre stage in your living room! The 1950s styling of this lounge chair is fantastic for integrating into an existing retro theme, whilst the iron base boasts an elegant sweeping design that incorporates itself into the side arms for aesthetic appeal.

Ochre is also a brilliant colour to use when integrating warm, autumn colours. It’s a lovely contrast between yellow and golden brown, offering a crisp hue that provides a focal point for any room.

A smart way of bringing the best out of ochre furniture is by matching it up with grey. A light grey brings out the vibrancy of ochre as a contrast, whilst dark grey can be used to provide a more subdued, sophisticated effect. Whichever way you go, have fun making way for this divo in your home!


2. Timeless Tiffany Vibes

Brand-new to our velvet collection, our Tiffany Dining Chairs are a cut above when it comes to all things sophisticated. Featuring a stunning sixties design, this beauty comes in two striking colours – we’ve chosen our black edition on this occasion to provide some tonal contrast to the brighter hues of our other autumnal themed furniture.

Sporting a distinctive sculpted open backrest, pencil-shaped metal legs and bucket loads of retro appeal, Tiffany is ideal for a dining room or kitchen setting looking for something extra special.

Black velvet paired with yellow and orange is a match made in heaven – a real compliment to the other pieces we’re featuring in this blog.

If black isn’t your thing, Tiffany also comes in a beautiful turquoise finish, but we reckon the former is the way to go for this time of year. Why not integrate it neatly with a few of our tables and accessories, such as a burnt orange coffee table?


3. Coffee Time, Art Deco Style!

Speaking of burnt orange coffee tables, we have just the thing for you…

Our Art Deco Coffee Table is a wonderful way to make your new Tiffany Dining Chair stand out, thanks to its vivid burnt orange velour colouring. A synthetic velvet, velour has all the soft and luxurious properties of velvet, but has extra resistance to wear, tear and spills. Hence, the perfect material for a coffee table!   

Featuring segmented sides to provide an extra dose of texture to your conservatory or lounge, your newest coffee table also has a generous diameter of 85cm. This leaves you plenty of room to display various books and magazines, should you choose to do so.

Orange is the classic colour of autumn – think of freshly fallen leaves, ripe pumpkins and warmth, which is just the feeling we all crave as we head into the chillier months of the year.   



4. Vintage Vibes, Feet First...

If you’re a little short on space but still want to introduce a similar theme to the coffee table above, our Art Deco Footstool is your answer.  

Offering the same styling as the coffee table in a pint-sized package, this footstool goes wonderfully with our black Tiffany Dining Chair if you’re looking for a striking black and orange combo.

Made from the same velour as its bigger brother, this footstool is highly durable whilst still offering the luxurious quality of smooth velvet. With a height of 30cm, this baby is perfect for putting your feet up in style after a long hard day at work.

It’d be rude not to, right?


5. Luxuriate with Luxe

 Autumn isn’t all about oranges, yellows and reds, though. Purple is also strongly linked with warmth and luxury, as well as prestige.

Originally a colour associated with royalty, purple is a great way of breaking up more widespread tonal themes, such as a golden yellow or ochre. Too much purple can be a little OTT (unless you’re feeling brave), but try using it as an accent colour via accessories to really bring out the best of your other furniture.

One of the best examples is through cushions. Our Luxe Velvet Cushion combines a plum purple velvet cover with a decorative gold fringe, adding an extra element of opulence to an already striking design. It’s also ideal for cuddling up with during the colder months thanks to its soft feather filling.

Check out how we’ve matched it up with our Presley Armchair below. A creative way of introducing a dash of purple to your autumnal themed interior, without overdoing things.   


6. Casino Royale

If your dining room is new to velvet, what better way to change the status quo than with our Casino Dining Chair?!

Available in three striking tones, we’ve handpicked our caramel/burnt orange version for obvious reasons in this blog.

There’s always room for a dash of luxury in life, so why not make it in the form of our Casino chairs? These high rollers feature figure-hugging seats, subtle wing backs for added support and an elegant, minimalist frame base. The black frame goes nicely with the burnt orange velvet upholstery, taking your dinner party designs to the next level!

Check out the full colour range below – which one takes your fancy?


7. Albany Aesthetics

We’re finishing with a banger. Another new addition to our velvet chair collection, our Albany Dining Chair epitomises the very best of Art Deco furniture styling.

Based on the Gubi Beetle Chair, this distinctive item features a velvet clamshell shaped seat and backrest. The latter sports a bold, lattice crisscross pattern, whilst the stylised curved design provides comfortable and ergonomic support for the user.

Thanks to its slim and elegant gold metal frame, this dining chair is built on solid, stylish foundations. Ideal for infusing a retro, 1920s Gatsby-esque theme into your home or commercial establishment, the party only starts once Albany is on the scene!

Like many other examples from our furniture range, Albany comes in several colourways – we’ve chosen our caramel/burnt orange edition to match up nicely with our autumn velvet theme.


Ok Saints, that’s your lot for now. Don’t forget that there are plenty more examples of velvet on our website – we’ve only highlighted a few handpicked options here.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to give your style spaces a revamp. Just make sure that velvet is at the heart of your plans!

Be confident in your choice of colours, making sure to indulge in your core reds, browns, oranges and yellows. Also, don’t be afraid to add in a dash of purple or black here and there as accent tones to switch things up.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our autumn themed blog this week, and that you’ve got lots of exciting interior-themed plans for the upcoming cosy season.

Feel the Love!


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