Our Brand New Luxury Scatter P

Our Brand New Luxury Scatter Pillows, Throws & Accent Cushions

Our Brand New Luxury Scatter Pillows, Throws & Accent Cushions

Statement softs such as cushions, throws and blankets are a great way to add texture, colour and warmth to living room and bedroom spaces. Larger furniture items such as sofas and beds can look bare and bland left plain and can often be completely transformed with some accent cushions or a stylish throw. For those that are colour or pattern-shy, soft accessories are also a great commitment-free and affordable way to implement bolder choices into your aesthetic.

Our latest collection of luxury scatter pillows, throws and accent cushions features a range of different materials, colours and artisan techniques. Where Saints Go founders Tracey and Mark visit every single supplier to personally experience the quality of material, craftsmanship and the finished product itself. In short, we don’t sell anything we’re not really excited about.

What are scatter cushions and why do I need them?

A scatter cushion is a small pillow or cushion used especially for decoration. They come in many different shapes, sizes, styles and colours, which is why they are the perfect way to infuse a space with personality, or continue a theme throughout various spaces and rooms. Our collection of luxury scatter cushions features square, rectangular and cylindrical shapes cushions, which are also known as bolster cushions.

While primarily used to communicate a certain style and theme, the need for scatter cushions goes beyond just decorative purposes. They also add comfort and warmth to your relaxation spaces. Many of our cushions are feather-filled, which means you can karate-chop them to perfection to get that high-end aesthetic. 

The different styles of scatter cushions and throws

As with all home accessories, they can be easily defined by the interior styles that they are best suited to. To help you choose between the products on offer, we’ve split them into the following aesthetic categories:

  • Boho
  • Eclectic
  • Quiet Luxury

Boho cushions and throws

Short for bohemian, the boho interior style is characterised by warm, earthy colours and natural materials such as rattan, jute and linen. Homes of this particular style will usually be filled with leafy houseplants, natural light and artworks collected from far-flung travels.

In boho spaces, cushions are often both vividly colourful and soothingly neutral. Our Mateo Cushion in natural beige and pecan is a beautiful example of versatile design, while the Ciara Cushion boasts a macrame composition and a tasselled fringe which gives it beautiful texture and a classic boho appeal. Our most boho-style throw is easily the Amare, which has a stunning woven, bobbled composition and a tassel at each corner.

Eclectic cushions and throws

Eclectic interior style is essentially a mix of different styles and themes that come together in a colourful, textural display of personality. To bring the eclectic look to your scatter display, consider mixing both colours and textures with the likes of our Elvissa Bolster Cushion, Hicks Square Cushion and a few neutral fillers such as the Miguel Square Cushion.

For an eclectic throw, we love the rich green tones and comforting texture of the Palau Woven Throw, which works wonderfully alongside a range of palettes and styles.

Cushions and blankets for quiet luxury

The quiet luxury interiors trend is a timeless style that emphasizes high-quality materials, simplicity and refinement. It’s also been referred to as the ‘old money’ style that oozes luxury and comfort. To tap into a quiet luxury aesthetic using cushions and throws, layering is key. Your scatter display should have only a couple of coloured cushions with the rest staying neutral. Much of this aesthetic comes from a ‘less is more’ approach, which is why we love the subtle shimmer of the Rafael and Pacha cushions, along with the warm coffee hue of the Elvissa Bolster Cushion in taupe.

The perfect throw for a quiet luxury aesthetic should ideally be heavier and more textured, meaning the waffle weave of the Destino and Mondrian throws is a great choice for adding depth and tactility.