Saintly Interiors: Our Furnitu

Saintly Interiors: Our Furniture as Featured on Channel 4’s ‘George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations’

Saintly Interiors: Our Furniture as Featured on Channel 4’s ‘George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations’

We’re no stranger to stunning interiors here at WSG, especially given the sheer number of beautiful social media posts we’re tagged in on a daily basis via our Instagram page.

So many of you have found such gorgeous spaces to style our unique furniture in. But if you managed to catch George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations over on Channel 4 last week (Wednesday 28th July), you’ll have witnessed a renovation build that was the very definition of ambitious - with a little help from some of our anything but ordinary products!

Remarkable in every sense of the word, the show featured Staffordshire couple Laura and Adrian in their efforts to restore an early 19th century derelict coach house into a modern, multigenerational home (check out their Instagram page @coachhouse_to_home_ for more details).

The exterior of the newly renovated Coach House.

Image courtesy of Amazing Telly - Photography by Dug Wilders

Based in the large village of Kingsbury near Tamworth in Warwickshire, the coach house itself was once part of a much larger collection of buildings.

Cliff Hall, as the site is known, was bought by the Willoughby family in the early 1800s, just as the growth of industrialisation led to a rapid period of expansionism in the area.

The former site once included a thirteen-bedroom Tudor house, but this was demolished in the 1960s. Fortunately, the nearby coach house that served the property was left intact, leaving it ripe for renovation.  

The annex of the property.

Image courtesy of Amazing Telly - Photography by Dug Wilders

Snapped up by Laura and Adrian for a cool £285,000, the coach house (plus an acre of land) was now theirs to play with. The aim was to blend old with new, restoring the building to its former grandeur with a large element of modern influence woven into the history of the property.

And boy, did they manage just that! Courtesy of photographer Dug Wilders (@dug_wilders) and @amazingtelly, these stunning images visually demonstrate the fruits of their labour. All of these photos are as seen on the tv show.

The programme first met up with the couple in June 2019, but their early progress was inevitably hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, setting the project back by several months.

The landing of this gorgeous property.

Image courtesy of Amazing Telly - Photography by Dug Wilders

Not to be deterred, a herculean effort ensured that the project was finally finished inside three years, and it was certainly worth the wait!

The space wasn’t just restored but also extended with an annex to house Adrian’s parents, Andrew and Eleanor. The finished article resulted in a 5,000 sq. ft renovation.


Barcelona Bar Stools

The coach house is wall-to-wall gorgeous both inside and out, but we must say that the kitchen area is one of our favourite zones.

Check out how our Barcelona Bar Stools have been fashioned at that stunning kitchen island. The beautiful blend of old and new, with the high wooden beams above and wooden worktops below has resulted in a jaw-dropping interior.

The kitchen island, featuring our Barcelona Bar Stools.

Image courtesy of Amazing Telly - Photography by Dug Wilders

Our Barcelona stools add that finishing touch of leather luxury to a room filled with natural influences, providing a focal point for a kitchen that maximises its sense of space and luxury.

These stools are currently available on our website, featuring a brown buffalo leather seat with an industrial nickel metal base. If you’re looking to recreate Laura and Adrian’s flair in the kitchen or home bar, check them out for the full Saints experience!

Check out out Barcelona Bar Stools in all their glory!

The cleverly positioned French doors to the front ensure that sunlight streams in to flood the room, bathing it in a warm glow of natural light. Doesn’t it make our stools shine!  


Oxford Ottoman Bench

Equally impressive is the hallway area. That indoor bare brick wall is a wonderful homage to the coach house’s former heritage, having been respectfully refashioned into a modern, industrial style.

We love how the brickwork frames the wall leading upstairs, in direct contrast to the white walls and wooden influences on the ground floor.

The hallway is yet another beautiful area of the Coach House.

Image courtesy of Amazing Telly - Photography by Dug Wilders

Again, a sprinkling of WSG flair has worked its magic, as our brown, 140cm wide Oxford Ottoman Bench provides the perfect seating option as soon as you walk into the property.

Talk about attention to detail - the brown buffalo leather seat goes superbly with the dark wood of the stairs and banister. The brass metal base matches up like a dream with the brass-coloured light switches, power points and coat hooks located above.

If we’ve got you tempted to replicate this extravagant look in your own hallway, the ottoman is available right now on our website.

If the brass base isn’t to your taste, we also offer a black alternative, as well as different leather seat varieties that include both light blue and orange tan.

Our Ottoman Bench is quite the catch!

The seamless blend of wood, metal, brick, leather and glass is evident throughout the property, a testament to Laura and Adrian’s keen eye for design.  

Everywhere you look, the heritage of the coach house has been faithfully preserved, augmented via cutting edge modern influences that make this house a dream home for any family.

What do you think to the overall project? We’re delighted to have been able to add to this true gem of a renovation, thanks to such appropriate choices in furniture design.   

The living room is yet another example of the style of this beautifully renovated property.

Image courtesy of Amazing Telly - Photography by Dug Wilders

If you didn’t manage to catch the episode, it’s still available on the Channel 4 website for you to get up to speed.  

Thanks for reading, and enjoy browsing the images of this astounding property.


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