Seating & Storage: The Ric

Seating & Storage: The Richmond Bench
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Seating & Storage: The Richmond Bench

The phrase ‘multifunctional furniture’ often conjures up imagery of something ugly that sacrifices seamless design - think clunky folding tables and rock-hard sofa beds. For keen interior design aficionados, bringing multi-use furniture into a design-led space might feel like using a spork in a Michelin-starred restaurant. However, not all furniture is made equal. Aiming to mark the spot where divine design meets versatility, the Richmond Bench is a refined icon that can serve a few different purposes.

Introducing The Richmond Bench

Inspired by classical design, the Richmond Bench is handcrafted from solid wood, rattan and foam to create a sturdy base with curving sides, an integrated shelf and a cushioned seat upholstered in natural linen with a piped edge. Built with a variety of living spaces in mind, the bench brings a natural, lived-in and polished feel to both classic and contemporary interior schemes.

How to style the Richmond Bench

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at which ways to style your Richmond Bench for its different uses. The bench works well as a footstool, coffee table, ottoman and - you guessed it - bench. Read on to find out exactly how our Saintly experts would position, style and enjoy it. 

What room is the Richmond Bench designed for?

Due to the different uses at your disposal with this luxury rattan and linen bench, the Richmond works well in a variety of rooms. Place it in a lounge for use as a coffee table, footstool and additional seating option, position it at the foot of a bed for a wonderful master-suite feel or add it to entrance halls of all sizes - it could look particularly spectacular at the centre of a spacious hall, or prove very useful pushed up against the wall of a narrow hallway. 

How can I use the Richmond Bench?

This versatile interior accessory can be used in a few different ways, including:

  • As a centrepiece coffee table with styling space and storage.
  • As a hallway bench with shoe storage and a comfortable seat to use while putting your shoes on.
  • A bench for the foot of the bed in an impressive master suite aesthetic. You could use the shelf below to store folded bedspreads and blankets.

How to style the Richmond Bench 

This luxury interior bench radiates enough of a curated designer mood that it doesn’t need much styling at all - the accents of cane and natural linen upholstery give it enough texture to work well alone. However, in order to use it as a coffee table, hallway bench or bedroom accent, there are a few accessories you can add to create a true designer effect. We’ve listed them below.

For use as a coffee table 

The first thing you’ll need when using the Richmond as a coffee table is a hard and level top surface so that you can put things like hot drinks, glasses of wine and other essentials on the top. The easiest way to do this is by adding a serving tray. We love the warming effect of a gold-finish tray alongside the warm tones of the linen and wood, but you could also opt for the Manuel Tapas Board for a rustic wood effect.

On the shelf below, why not add some chunky rustic pillar candles, a statement sculpture, coffee table books or a photo frame to level up your styling. 

For use in the bedroom

The Richmond works well when placed at the foot of the bed, bringing the feel of a hotel suite to your own bedroom. It’s a great use of the dead space at the bottom of the bed and can be used to sit on while dressing and for the storage of bed throws or blankets.

The bench is also a great option for dressing room spaces and walk-in wardrobes. Position it in the centre between two rails of clothing for an elevated effect.

For use in a hallway 

This is a great perch for pulling on your shoes before heading out of the door, and a comfortable landing spot that says ‘Welcome Home.’ In terms of styling, you could add some cushions propped up against the wall, or if styling in the centre of a larger hallway, you could slide some statement storage baskets onto the shelf with your essentials in.