Statement Sheepskin

Statement Sheepskin

Statement Sheepskin

If you’ve been holding back on investing in a quality sheepskin interior piece, this is your sign to go for it. While many are often worried about the transience of interior trends, sheepskin is simply above all that. Can you name any other fabric material that has been in use since the 1200s? Seriously, sheepskin has been used for its warmth, comfort and decorative purposes since, well, forever. It was used in the Bronze Age as seat covers for carriages and wagons, before being a popular choice of jacket throughout the seventies - groovy baby.

In any interior space, one of the most overlooked factors is texture. The vivid and inviting texture of sheepskin prevents a room from feeling sterile or cold, adding both comfort and cosiness. While you may think cosiness is seasonal, and that richly textured rugs, throws and chairs are a thing to be reserved for autumn and winter, think again. Sheepskin taps into both boho and Scandi trends, working well when paired with macrame, Berber rugs and rustic, natural wood. It’s easy to transition between a surfer’s beach bungalow and a snow-capped Alpine chalet with a sheepskin piece, making it a worthwhile interior investment indeed.

So, we arrive at the ultimate question - what sheepskin piece should you go for? There are rugs, blankets, pillows and pouffes - but we are firm believers in the power of a statement sheepskin accent chair. 

Our range of sheepskin chairs

The all-new range of Cabana Yeti Accent Chairs from Where Saints Go channel both New Zealand and Danish design. Entirely handmade by expert artisans, they are individually upholstered in 100% Yak sheepskin and boast sturdy, solid frames of ambient oak. As far as sheepskin accents go, these chairs are the ultimate interior investment that will remain iconic throughout the ever-changing style trends. Why? Because they use all-natural materials and are available in a range of subtle, natural shades that will complement any existing interior. For those concerned about the use of sheepskin, there’s also a faux version available, too.

How to style your sheepskin chair

There are no rules when it comes to the placement of your sheepskin chair, with the exception of maybe not putting it in the bathroom for the sake of good hygiene. Apart from that, nowhere is really off-limits. A statement sheepskin chair is a great accent for the lounge or spacious bedroom, bringing a delicious dash of comfort and texture. If you really want to go all-out with the relaxation, we suggest opting for a matching sheepskin ottoman/footstool that your feet will absolutely thank you for.

In terms of complementary interior accessories that work well alongside your sheepskin chair, we suggest channelling the Scandi-boho style with a natural, Berber-inspired rug such as our Abaza Rug, neutral Sarafian Table Lamp and the Seagrass Storage Baskets. This combination of earthen textures works well throughout all seasons by keeping things natural and neutral. In essence, these are the statement basics on which you can layer themed or coloured decor - or not if you’re choosing to keep things clean and minimal.

How to clean your sheepskin chair

Sheepskin of any kind has a deliciously deep, lush pile which can be a concern when cleaning. Whether you have pets, little ones with sticky fingers or careless house guests, you might find yourself in a position where you need to clean your sheepskin upholstery. Fear not, it’s really not as terrifying as it seems. It’s always best to try and get to the mark or stain as quickly as possible, spot-cleaning it with a damp sponge and leaving it to dry.

To restore the heavenly fluffiness to your sheepskin, you can brush through it gently with a soft bristle brush, or gently tease out a smaller section with a toothbrush.

Sheepskin and fur interior accessories

If you’re not quite ready to go all-out with the sheepskin look, you can add elements of both real and faux fur with smaller accessories. Some of our staple favourites include the Mongolian Fur Seat Pad, which is great for adding comfort and texture to minimalistic bar stools, and the Mid-Century Scandi Dining Chair with oak base and fur seat, which is perfect for making an eclectic statement.