Timeless Icons: The Wishbone B

Timeless Icons: The Wishbone Bar Stool
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Timeless Icons: The Wishbone Bar Stool

Never ones to shy away from the limelight, our Wishbone Bar Stools are proving to be as popular as ever here at WSG. It’s not hard to see why.

We offer this timeless style icon in a variety of colours and finishes, ensuring that your fix for Scandinavian furniture is suitably sated (no matter the style of your home).

So, this week, we decided to delve a little deeper into the history of this classic chair and lift the lid on the magic behind such an iconic design.

Plus, keep an eye out for one of our Saints that couldn’t help but share her excitement at how Christmas had come early thanks to the timely delivery of her Wishbones – they also kept the kids more than occupied!

Wishbone Chairs look super sharp in black!


Based on the design of the original Wishbone Chair (we’ve got plenty of those too! – click here to view our range), the Wishbone Bar Stool is essentially the bigger brother of the delightful duo, echoing the masterful design and simplicity of the former.  

Created by world-renowned Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner back in 1949, the Wishbone (then named the CH24) was crafted with several key elements in mind, most notably, comfort, simplicity and gracefulness in design. All of these ingredients also had to embody modernist furniture ideals that were at the forefront of Wegner’s creative mind.

Believe it or not, Wegner’s prototype Wishbone was originally rejected by the company that commissioned its creation, suggesting that the chair looked too much like garden furniture! Needless to say, the mood swiftly changed, and the Wishbone Chair went on to become Hans Wegner’s greatest ever commercial success.

Its popularity has been so enormous that it has led to a limited-edition version of the chair being released every year on the anniversary of Wegner’s birth – now that’s some legacy! 

Our Wishbone Bar Stools are the epitome of elegance


So, what makes the Wishbone so special?

Well, like many things in life, simplicity is so often the key to success. Offering a perfect balance of form and function, the Wishbone is effortlessly stylish.  

The most iconic feature is the Y-shaped (or ‘wishbone’, after its namesake) backrest. The way in which it elegantly flows both downwards to support the seat, and laterally, to form the arched armrests is a design feature that’s both ergonomic and truly aesthetic.

It gives the entire chair a seamless, one-piece feel that’s all about graceful curves without the distractions of obvious joins and awkward angles. Usually, chairs with as bold a design such as this may look great, but often they aren’t practical to actually sit in (comfortably, at least), but the Wishbone easily meets both of these requirements with a spring in its step.

The backrest is one element to consider, but the addition of a paper coil seat is also a key reason for the Wishbone’s universal acclaim.

Wishbones look terrific in any environment, even the office

Hans Wegner himself once said, “a chair isn’t finished until someone sits in it”, and we couldn’t agree more. The unique paper coil effect of the seat itself has an intricate look, but is also a joy to sit in.

The reality is, this style of seat actually came about through necessity rather than original intention. In 1949, Denmark was still recovering from the Second World War (like many European countries), and thus a shrewd Swedish invention of paper spun to look like rope was used to craft the seat, rather than the traditionally used sisal which was a real scarcity at the time. 

But often through necessity, the best designs come to the fore. The paper coil seat keeps the chair lightweight and is also easily dyed, and as a result of which our WSG range offers three sumptuous colours to suit – grey, natural and black.

The paper coil seat marks a real contrast to the rest of the chair, and comes in several colours too

Fan Favourites:

Our Wishbone Bar Stools are often our best-selling items here at WSG, for reasons we’ve already highlighted and more.

Orla was one of our many super excited Saints last week as she celebrated the arrival of her three natural Wishbone stools. She got the camera out to share the love with us all – it’s safe to say that it was definitely Christmas come early in this household!

You're making them blush...We love how Orla has showcased our stools in this snap!

We also love the way that Orla has perfectly matched up her bright worktop and floor with the natural shade of the stools, a terrific choice for a kitchen with a lighter colour scheme. It’s clear that the unpacking process simply had to wait for this photo - this scene needed to be snapped ASAP to capture the moment!

What’s more, it looks like the kids enjoyed their new ‘playhouse’ as they really made the most of the packaging in true ‘anything but ordinary style’! We’re so glad that you enjoyed your purchase Orla, and that we were also able to provide a suitable cardboard castle for hours of fun!

Cardboard castle, anyone?

Maybe we’ll have to start adding ‘packaging playhouses’ to our collection – you’ve given us some food for thought here…

Nothing goes to waste with our WSG packaging!

Regardless of how you intend to style your Wishbone Bar Stools, one thing we can guarantee is a timeless product that is world-renowned.   

Owning your own Hans Wegner designed chair is a bit like joining an exclusive, premium furniture club. Once you’ve started your collection, it can be hard to know where to stop! It’s all too easy to set a new Scandi standard in your kitchen, home bar or dining room, so why not embrace the fun and deck out your pad with some truly iconic décor?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little read over the festive season – you have our permission to get back to the mince pie munching now. And if Santa didn’t bring quite what you wished for, get hunting on the WSG website for some truly great gifts for 'me, myself and I'… Don’t worry about treating yourself, it is Christmas after all!

We’ll see you soon Saints – stay safe as always.

Feel the Love!

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