Unmissable Home Design Trends

Unmissable Home Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Unmissable Home Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Now that we’re well and truly into the swing of things in 2022, there’s no better time to look ahead at what changes are afoot in the ever-shifting interior design world.  

Some trends come and go in a flash, whilst others stick around long enough for us to enjoy their quirks rather than changing for the sake of it. We’ve had a close eye over some of the most impressionable interior design trends predicted to take our homes by storm this year, choosing a select few that are easy to incorporate into your spaces.

So, with your pen and paper at the ready for notetaking, let’s get started!


It may sound more like an obsession than a trend, but that’s essentially what it is, in a way! Biophilia is predicted to be one of the most trending terms of 2022. Officially defined as; “the innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes”, this translates as a clear preference towards furniture and accessories closely tied with nature in the design world.

It’s little wonder, after almost two years of lockdowns and shielding that we’re all craving a stronger connection to the outdoor world inside our living spaces.

Think natural light, plentiful plant life, more ventilation, organic materials and a deeper connection to Mother Nature, and you get the idea. Understandably, the biophilia trend embraces green décor and lots of it. Green, psychologically, is a calming colour - even if we’re not actually outside in the woods or in a beautiful garden, it still makes us subconsciously think of the outdoor world.

Houseplants are an easy hack to tap into our inner biophilic voice, and there’s plenty of choice regarding faux and dried plants on our website. An Areca Palm Plant emanates instant tropical vibes and can be placed virtually anywhere in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. It’s a hyper-accurate replica of the Madagascan Areca Palm Tree – very cool!

Alternatively, if you’re looking to go the whole hog regarding a tropical paradise in your own front room, our Palm Jungle Wallpaper by Cole & Son is unapologetically bold and green to the extreme!

Providing a lush, exotic tone for any room you desire, this is some serious wall art that biophilia obsessives can really get behind.

Home Office Appreciation

WFH was, and still is, one of the long-lasting by-products of the pandemic and is probably here to stay, in some form or another.

Those naive days of March 2020 where we hunched over the kitchen table for work are long gone – for the sake of your posture more than anything else!

The reality is, home offices, studies and even homework rooms for the kids are fast becoming staples of the modern home. Dedicating the spare room for productivity is now a requirement for many of us, so we should make the space as pleasant to work in as possible.  

A clean and tidy space is a must, as is access to a reliable internet connection, natural lighting, plus a suitable backdrop for Zoom calls.

But these necessities won’t get you far without a comfortable chair and table. For a home office, you need something substantial to sit at the desk all day long. Nothing so comfortable that you risk falling asleep, mind you! A halfway house between style and comfort will work wonders, like our Cesca Dining Chair with arms.

The beech wood and rattan backrest offer a calming sense of rustic design, whilst the side arms add that extra sense of comfort to keep you at ease throughout the working day. Plus, the cantilever shape and Pierre Jeanneret-inspired designer aesthetics are a welcome bonus!

Bold Patterns

2022 marks the return of bold, unashamedly 1960s and 1970s patterns – the disco fever years are back with a bang!  

As mid-century movements become more on-trend, embracing vintage shapes, colours, textures and tones is predicted to be a legacy of this year and beyond.

Not just renowned for bell bottoms and disco fever, 1970s décor was all about loud prints, curves, soft geometrics and an almost obsessive appreciation for brown and orange. This unique hallmark of the so-called ‘Me decade’ found its way into living rooms up and down the country, so replicating this look with a tweaked modern edge shouldn’t be too difficult.

Embrace the sense of free-spirited maximalism with flowing curves and a wacky sense of fun with our Dune Wallpaper by Mind the Gap. This distinctive pink, orange and black wallpaper design will lift the look of any room and can be nicely complemented with black furniture to bring out the subtle black tones in the mural pattern.

If you’re going to go vintage this year, you may as well go full-on – in true Saints fashion, no half-hearted approach will suffice!

It’s All About the Curves

Sticking with the 1970s theme, curves are set to make a big comeback in 2022. You can ditch the set square and ruler this year, but it might be an idea to keep your protractor lying around!

When you think about it, it’s little wonder that we’ve not turned to softer, wavy finished décor more often over time. Furniture with proper curves greatly contrasts the straight lines of doorways, walls and ceilings.  

It’s predicted that we’ll all seek a softening effect of the harsh angles of certain room features, so the time to plan this out is now. Maybe all these soft lines are a metaphor for how we’re feeling now that (hopefully) the worst days of the pandemic are behind us – we’re all looking to soften rather than harshen our environments! 

However things play out, our PP68 Hans Wegner Armchair is a classic mixture of pleasing curves, designer Scandinavian looks and rustic, natural materials.

Alternatively, if Scandi designs are a little too rustic for your taste, you can still mix up the curves with a more industrial aesthetic. Our Florence Bar Stool is a real treat for a home bar, kitchen island or counter setting.

The flowing curves of the seat and backrest are a foil to the straight lines of kitchen cabinets, counters and tables, without sacrificing a sense of glamour.

Back to Traditions

Classic décor lovers, look alive! Traditional materials are making 2022 their heyday once more. Of course, industrial aesthetics will still have their place, but this year, the return of rustic is expected to make it big.

Teak, oak and ash wooden tables, organic rattan chairs, traditional antique nightstands, classic wingback chairs and farmhouse-influenced stools have all been biding their time, and are now planning a breakout this year.

We reckon that many of us are craving the comfort of older designs that we may have grown up with, and seek the reassurance and nostalgia of these trends as we move deeper into the 2020s.

An appreciation for historical designs, hand-crafted furniture and fine details looks to be overtaking the clamour for mass-produced pieces of the past – this, in turn, should lead to many of us holding on longer to more well-made chairs, tables and accessories.

Our Elma Bedside Table offers this cosy sense of traditionalism in the bedroom. Lovingly crafted from elm wood, it’s a sturdy, downright stylish and timeless sense of rustic design that we can keep close at hand, next to the bed.

Alternatively, our Katrina Dining Chair offers elm wood elegance and beech wood beauty to your kitchen or dining room setting. An organic treat for any home or even commercial interior such as a restaurant or café - what’s not to love?   

Ultimately, the never-ending march of the fashion landscape will always bring out the debate in terms of what works in our homes.

In tying up a few ideas and predictions for the new year in this week’s blog post, we hope we’ve given you some food for thought on how to give your own home a refreshing revamp.

Which trend are you most looking forward to in 2022?


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