What Does Your Dining Chair St

What Does Your Dining Chair Style Say About Your Personality?
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What Does Your Dining Chair Style Say About Your Personality?

Your choice in furniture can reveal a great deal about your personality.

Our subconscious tastes in interior design are linked to our instinctive preferences for many things in life, including food, fashion, culture and so much more. Even if we’re not actively thinking about it, our decisions are often influenced by our unique character.

Just for a bit of fun, this week we’ve compiled an informal little personality quiz to see if we can predict what would be your go-to design when choosing brand-new dining chairs for the home.

It’s time to put our psychic skills to the test. Try your hand at these multiple-choice questions and then check where your answers may lead you. Here goes!

Q1: I consider technology to be…

A)  Exciting, innovative and I love how it’s constantly evolving. I tend to update my gadgets to a shiny new model regularly, especially my phone and tablet/laptop. I can’t bear out of date tech – it’s so passé!

B)  Retro tech? I’m cool with that. Modern tech? Too clean and sterile. Give me some old-school machinery any day! Today’s devices just don’t have that nostalgic, tangible and robust quality that the mechanical devices of yesteryear once had.

C)  I’m fine with it, but by the same token I don’t go out of my way to seek the latest releases. Technology doesn’t tell much of a story of culture and heritage – it lacks soul? Where’s the humanity?

D)  La technologie? Oui, j’aime ça. If it looks sleek and stylish, then I approve. Aesthetics go a long way towards how I feel about technology. Someone’s taste in gadgets can be as important as their preference in fashion, and they often go hand-in-hand.

Retro tech over modern tech?

Credit: Digital Arts Online - https://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/graphic-design/why-apples-fonts-made-it-seem-more-classy-in-past/

Q2: My dream holiday destination would be...

A) Tokyo, without a doubt. I love to be surrounded by futuristic vibes, always with one eye on ultra-modern infrastructure and the buzz and excitement of a thriving modern metropolis. There’s nowhere else quite like it.    

B) I love any old-school architectural vibe, so any of the industrial buildings in New York City should be enough to tempt me there. The glamour of the Chrysler Building, the unique design of the Flatiron Building and the blending of mid-century heritage with modern designs is so enticing!   

C) As long as it has rich culture, preferably with its fair share of retreats, food markets and bazaars bursting with handmade souvenirs, I’m game. Somewhere that’s far removed from too much Western influence, such as Goa, India. I need to be able to explore my spiritual side.  

D) Somewhere that’s infused with both style and heritage. Lyon in the heart of France has all that I need. It’s listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, boasts the largest ensemble of Renaissance buildings in Europe and has plenty of French style and fashion mixed in for good measure. Trés chic!

Is the futuristic vibe of Tokyo more your cup of tea?

Q3: When it comes to good food, I look for...

A) Something adventurous. I’m always inspired by innovative new recipes, forward-thinking fusions of ingredients and a modern twist on any dish. Heston Blumenthal is often my go-to inspiration when it comes to good grub.

B) A traditional, classic dish that has stood the test of time. I love meals with legacy and that haven’t been tinkered with for the sake of it. Classics are classics for a reason, right?

C) Spices, colourful dishes and anything that tells a story of culture. A Moroccan tagine, an Indian red lentil dahl or anything that makes me experience something different and exotic. I want to be wowed, not sent to sleep by my food!  

D) A warming dish that has a touch of exoticness to it, but not too much. A French cassoulet is my idea of heaven, or perhaps a delicious Coq au Vin with plenty of Burgundy wine!

Feeling hungry?

Q4: Finally, my go-to style of clothing is:

A) Anything cutting edge. I live for the latest fashions – I was one of the first to embrace leggings in the ‘80s, the minimalism of the ‘90s and skinny jeans come the 2010s. I’m always looking ahead to the next modern trend.

B) 1950s/60s glamour, all the way! I’m a true lover of mid-century designs and the glitz of that bygone Hollywood era. The mid-century modern trend was a godsend – I hope it’s here to stay!

C) Boho-chic is the only way to go. 1970s accents, hippie/retro fabrics, flowy dresses and earthy tones speak volumes about someone’s love of true fashion. Clothing should be an extension of your own personality, just like your choice in furniture. Bring back the fringe!   

D) French flair, every day of the week. There’s a reason why France is regarded as one of the flag bearers for haute couture, so I’d be a fool not to learn from the best. Whether it’s modern or traditional (I love both), being able to pull off such an effortless sense of style is a truly desirable trait.

France is hard to beat when it comes to fashion and style!


The results are in, and we’ve done the sums. Here’s what style of dining chair we reckon you’d most likely choose based on your responses:

1. Mostly As - If you answered mostly As, we’ve got you down as a lover of all things modern. In fact, are you sure that ‘contemporary’ isn’t your middle name? You seek out simplicity in design, functionality and fuss-free styling that trims the fat and gets straight to the point (whilst looking pretty damn good in the process).

That’s why you’ll love our Jamie Dining Chair. This ultra-contemporary design blends resin and wood with a figure-hugging shape, just the ticket for an all-modern interior. We also have three colours to choose from, so we’ll leave you to browse right here…

Pick Jamie if you're into truly modern styling.

2. Mostly Bs - You’re the eternal nostalgia seeker - a lover of mid-century, industrial designs that never went out of fashion. To you, the glamorous, vintage trends of yesteryear have an element of character and glitzy heritage that seems to be sorely lacking nowadays.

You’re not rooted in the past, but your appreciation for classic, timeless designs and the enduring echoes of a previous generation speak loudly to you, demanding that your home is influenced by a wistful swathe of times gone by.

Gansevoort is the chair for you. Premium metal, smooth leather, rich colours and top tier build quality are your means of showboating your desire for the past. Click here to check out the full range of delights.

Gansevoort is for lovers of mid-century marvels and industrial glamour.

3. Mostly Cs - Welcome to bohemia! You live for adventure, always finding a story in each piece of furniture you own. Your décor has been inspired by years of travel, and each chair, table, trinket, rug and vase takes you back to that street market in Marrakech, that bazaar in Istanbul or that temple in Mumbai.  

You’re a sucker for the bohemian trend if ever we saw one. Earthy colours, natural textiles and fringe all help to keep your creative juices flowing. To you, furniture is the truest extension of your personality, whilst your love of rattan knows no bounds.

For this reason, our High Back Dining Chair should be right up your street. This woven rattan beauty tells its own story of design and heritage through looks alone.

Bohemian fans will love our High Back Dining Chair.

4. Mostly Ds - Ooh-la-la, you’re a Francophile all right! To you, nothing screams style more than a bit of French chic.

You tend to love a blend of two genres – minimalism with a hint of vintage elegance. A 1920s style Parisian bistro is your idea of heaven, stepping back to a time where culture, fashion and art were enjoying a golden-age renaissance.  

Our verdict? A French Cross Back Dining Chair should set you right. The blend of heritage and French farmhouse flair may be too much to resist. Browse our range right here.

Nothing beats a bit of French flair in the home!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our little quiz this week. These personality guesses are just a bit of fun, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different designs if you’ve fallen in love with several styles.  

With lockdowns lifting and things gradually opening up again, now seems like a great opportunity to try out some new products in the home, ready for when you have guests over once more!

Stay safe and stay well, Saints.


Feel the Love!

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