Where Saints Go on Dulux'

Where Saints Go on Dulux's Colour of the Year 2023
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Where Saints Go on Dulux's Colour of the Year 2023

Summarising major interior trends and giving a subtle nod as to what the world of aesthetics can expect in the near future, Dulux’s Colour of the Year is an announcement always met with much anticipation. Calling upon their own colour experts and a panel of international design specialists, Dulux wanted a ‘positive, glowing tone, inspired by the natural world.’ Checking all of these boxes and permeating any space with sunny optimism, Wild Wonder™ is their shade of 2023.

We interior enthusiasts here at Where Saints Go love the warmth and softness of this versatile shade, especially as it acts as a nod to all things organic. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite products to pair with the Dulux Colour of the Year 2023. (Along with the golden glow of your Saintly halo, of course.)

Mustard yellow & soft gold interior accessories

Lending itself well to both eclectic mixes, Wild Wonder™ also works well with all tones of yellow for a monotone interior. Paint your walls and build out from them with layers of a similar colour using accessories such as the ones we’ve selected below.

Camille Candelabra

Mustard yellow, baroque beauty and velvet? The decorative Camille Candelabra exudes opulence. We picture this coming together in an antique-inspired space when perched atop a vintage console and positioned in front of a floral oil painting. Ooh la la.

Elton Cushion

In the words of King Styles himself, you’re so golden. Trimmed with feathers and sporting a sumptuous satin sheen, the Elton Cushion would work well to bring those soft yellow tones out in other areas of the abode. For example, if your walls are painted in Dulux’s Wild Wonder™, the Elton could act as a secondary source of gold-tone atop a rich emerald green sofa or navy blue armchair.

Zoe Table Lamp

A quirky, uplifting option for the desk or beside table, the Zoe Table Lamp is a vibrant swing desk lamp that brings some industrial energy to your aesthetic.

Rustic Pillar Candle

Whether you’ve chosen the paint shade for your dining or dreaming space, statement candles are a great way to continue the colour theme. The organic textures of our Rustic Pillar Candles are perfect for tapping into that back-to-nature beauty. We suggest the colours Mustard Yellow and Honey for a muted, monotone vibe.

Wallpaper for pairing with Dulux’s Wild Wonder™

There is no better partner for a statement paint colour than an eye-catching wallpaper to sit alongside it. Adding character, vibrance and a designer depth that you just can’t achieve with plain paint, these wallpapers make a heavenly combo with Dulux’s 2023 shade.

(L-R: Leopards Walking Yellow Wallpaper, Triana Wallpaper, Incantation Wallpaper, Delano Wallpaper.)

Originally painted by Punch Shabalala from Ardmore ceramics, Leopard Walk Wallpaper takes you on a scenic stroll into the jungle, which is exactly why we picture this wallpaper alongside Wild Wonder™ in an exotic-inspired space with wood panelling and plenty of deep green leafy houseplants.

The Triana Wallpaper, on the other hand, evokes imagery of a Meditteranean garden alive with citrus trees and trickling fountains thanks to the tile formation in the design. It’s no surprise to learn that Seville’s Triana neighbourhood is actually home to the ceramic workshops and potteries that produce the famous tiles.

Following along on the theme of gardens and creative spaces, the Incantation Wallpaper would also work beautifully alongside Wild Wonder™. Depicting a sacred space where both flora and fauna frolic atop a deep mustard hue, this eclectic wallpaper has us dreaming of mystical libraries and parlour rooms brimming with personality.

An ideal choice for fans of contemporary trends, the Delano Wallpaper takes an Art Deco approach inspired by the architecture of South Beach’s very own Delano Hotel. Exuding a certain geometric flair, this wallpaper works well in industrial interiors with accessories of leather and metal.

Furniture to pair with Dulux Colour of the Year

Colour experts at Dulux make reference to their chosen shade as a “soft, natural shade of yellow which aims to connect the home with the playful, sun-kissed shades of the natural world."

For that reason, we’d also opt for stripped-back, Scandinavian pieces such as our PP68 Armchair and white terracotta Zara Vase. If you’re looking for an accent chair that will complement the earthen appeal of Wild Wonder™, then look no further than our Presley Chair, which features a striking 1950s design and indulgent ochre velvet upholstery.

As a general guide, however, when bringing together elements of a room, you can consult a simple colour wheel to better understand your ideal combination. As Wild Wonder™ is predominantly yellow in colour, the safest bet is to work with similar, natural shades for an ambient effect.

However, if you’re looking to make more of a statement, you can travel around a colour wheel to see what works for you. Cooler colours such as blue and green tend to evoke creativity and echo an outdoor environment when paired with yellow, while reds and oranges tend to take the more ‘aggressive’ approach due to them being warm colours.

If you’re feeling particularly experimental, you could opt for the complementary colour pairing of yellow, which is purple.