A Quickfire Q&A with House

A Quickfire Q&A with House of Margot
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A Quickfire Q&A with House of Margot

We know how tricky it can be to create that perfect, ‘Instagram’ standard of interior that looks tailor made for the covers of House Beautiful and Architectural Digest.

Luckily for you, this week we’ve scooped the lowdown on what it takes to create dazzling interiors from House of Margot, an Instagram page that’s bursting with professional interior snaps that are just to die for! Make sure you head straight over to her page once you’ve read this week’s post.

Here’s our scoop from an inspiring Q&A with an expert in the industry (also, see if you can spot some of our Solo Dining Chairs that have been expertly positioned, even if we may say so ourselves!):

House of Margot

Thanks so much for agreeing to do a Q&A with us! Our first question is deceptively simple, yet a crucial point for anyone looking to nail a newly refurbished interior.


What’s your advice on picking furniture for a newly revamped space?


“Depending on the piece, I would always say to go classic with longevity in mind. Consider how the furniture will be used and if it’s practical for the space in terms of fabric/easy to clean/hard wearing, and I say this with potential children/pets in mind.

A neutral, soft fabric sofa could really offset a room and be the beautiful ‘show-stopper’. However, it will not last long with young children (and felt tip pens to hand), and will soon become difficult to maintain.

Leather is always a great go-to for its hardwearing qualities that age beautifully over time. Velvet looks great in any colour, adding depth to a room, and is a surprisingly robust fabric.

Always, most importantly, consider how versatile the item will be over time as your design and style evolve. Will this item join the journey, or will it become outdated and need changing?

I always think it’s worth investing in a one-off beautiful piece that will compliment a space as it evolves.

I think back to my off-white Barcelona chair that I bought in my first ever flat in West London that cost almost a month’s salary at the time when I was just 26 - I didn’t even have a sofa at the time (or any other furniture!). Many years on however, I still have (& love) this chair. It even travelled to Madrid with me as furniture for my apartment there when I lived there, no way was it going into storage!”

House of Margot

Leather and velvet are top picks over here at WSG, so we couldn’t agree more!


Secondly, what inspired you to go down the interior design route? Have you always had flair?


“Growing up, I used to always change my bedroom/house-share/apartment around and was constantly re-decorating. I remember as a teenager removing all the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom and teaching myself how to skim walls & paint.

Since then, buying a Victorian house for a renovation project and spending the last 4 years working on it, I feel I’ve truly come into my own. This is where my soul is.

I’ve always been a creative type, an artist; this I feel allows me to channel things in a way that I feel is practical, and I love the feeling of watching a space totally transform, and what that can do for you both emotionally and mentally.”

House of Margot

Creativity is a really good point. I guess this comes more naturally to some.


OK, big question. What’s your number 1 golden rule for interior designers?


“Don’t rush into a design. Think, go back to it, think, go back to it again. Something I still find incredible is how much an idea can evolve and change within the design process.

Whilst it’s great to get a design down on paper from the off-set, it’s also great to spend time to just think, and let the creativity happen. Sometimes, but not always when you need to, you can be lying awake at night and have that lightbulb moment about the perfect tile for that ‘space’.

There have been many times where I’ve had a delay within the design process due to waiting on a decision from a client/supplier, and during that time the first ‘concrete’ idea has changed due to new inspiration that I’ve come across during that time. It always makes me smile that that delay was ‘meant to be’ once the final design has been executed.”

House of Margot

Sometimes the very best of ideas require very little thought! A great motto for life really.


Do you consider storage as important when designing an interior, and have you got any tips for incorporating it successfully?


“Storage is one of the most important considerations when designing. What use is a beautiful design if it ends up becoming overcrowded with life-accessories that have no home?

Being more of a minimalist (hard with two young children!), this is something that I will always prioritise at the beginning of the design stage with the client. I like to think creatively as to how a space can be used, and sometimes unconventionally to provide storage solutions that work and that are not always in line with what you see over and over again.”

House of Margot


What’s your advice on choosing ornaments or accessories? We have a great range on the WSG website.


“Go with what you love, and effortlessly your ornaments and accessories will remain cohesive within your space and tell a story of ‘you’.

Whilst trendy items have that ‘trend’ appeal, these items can sometimes end up having a shelf-life if purchased for that one reason. They are not true to the real you!

Ornaments and accessories are items that should be built-up over time, purchased because they’ve been seen and you fall in love with them, and they resonate with you and your personal style…”

House of Margot

Sound advice. Sometimes that one item you fall in love with could be the missing piece to your perfect interior!


Last one! Finally, if you had to choose, which is your favourite style and why? We’re thinking boho, Scandi, industrial etc.


“Difficult to say as I tend to mix styles within my own personal space and enjoy playing around with them to create my own-unique ‘vibe’.

I would say I’m a Scandi/minimalist at heart. But I love boho accessories for adding texture to a space/design.

Ideally on an industrial (bare brick, exposed pipe work) back drop ;)”

House of Margot

Some great advice from House of Margot there on a variety of different points. The main takeaways from this with regards to your own design project are to be brave, don’t be afraid of changing your mind, and be true to your own unique sense of style. Individualism is a great trait that often leads to some truly mesmerising design spaces!

House of Margot

A huge thank you once again must go out to House of Margot for agreeing to do this thought-provoking Q&A with us. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram page, and we hope you love the fantastic images she has kindly provided for us to use in this week’s blog. There are some serious photography skills on display here!

Stay safe Saints, and we’ll see you soon.

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