Your Christmas Gifting Persona

Your Christmas Gifting Personality Quiz 2020
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Your Christmas Gifting Personality Quiz 2020

Whether you’re on the hunt for those last minute Christmas gifts or simply feel like treating yourself in December, (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) this week we’ve sprinkled the WSG magic to help you find the perfect present for the right individual.

Based on your responses to the following questions, we reckon we can match the product to the person. Stay tuned until the end to see if we’ve nailed the prediction!

1. Bar Stools

The essential ingredient to any Christmas party, you can’t forget the stools. The question is, which style suits your lucky receiver in mind the best?

Is this individual…

A)  A rule breaker. They love their natural materials and earthy colours. In fact, ‘unconventional’ is their middle name. They want furniture that tells a story, has meaning and is a true expression of their style. They’ll love nothing more than our cotton top Eryk Stool.

Cotton on to Eryk!

B)  The life and soul of the party. This type has no time for muted colours, they’re all about bright and bold shades and aren’t afraid to show it! Treat them to something extra special this Christmas with our range of Tapas Bar Stools (there’s definitely a colour for them, trust us!)

Did somebody mention tapas?

C)  A pragmatist and fan of traditional décor that has plenty of charm and historical heritage. They like their furniture to be low maintenance, and love nothing more than a true farmhouse vibe in the kitchen. Make them smile with our wooden Shaker Bar Stools.

Shake up their Xmas with a Shaker Bar Stool!

D)  Move over, wood. For this individual, nothing beats the soft touch of premium leather built on solid foundations. They’re a heavy metal lover when it comes to bases on their stools, which is why we recommend our Diner Bar Stool – they won’t know how to thank you enough!  

Dine in style with The Diner!

2. Chairs

A home simply doesn’t feel right without the appropriate style of chair to sit down and relax into. The question is:

Is your receiver in mind…

A)  A free spirit. To them, the word ‘chair’ is too rigid a term. They want to break away from the shackles and loosen up their definition of décor. Wherever they sit, cultural vibes come as standard. Which is why they’ll love our (not quite a chair, strictly speaking) Round Pouffe.

Who needs chairs when you've got pouffes?

B)  They’re suave, they’re confident and they don’t cut corners on style. This individual always fancied themselves as a James Bond type. Well, we can’t offer them a seat at Casino Royale, but we can offer them a Casino Dining Chair if they play their cards right…

A chair for true 007 fans...

C) Their love of vintage knows no bounds. To this person, nothing beats the chic styling of a Parisian bistro. The smell of the roasted coffee beans, the charm of the French clientele, and the chairs… Ooh-la-la! Our French Cross Chairs need no further introduction.

Express your Francophile edge with our French Cross Chairs!

D) Metal and leather go hand in hand every time for this gift lover. To them, there’s no substitute for that silky-smooth leather seat enhanced by a polished metal underbelly. Furniture has no right to look this good, and yet our Gansevoort Dining Chairs more than hit the mark. A sublime choice, so get picking their favourite colour!   

Gorgeous Gansevoort sophistication

3. Accessories

This is where you can have some real fun and dress your home head to toe in embellishments! But accessories can also be a very personal type of decoration. Therefore, make sure you get this one right!

Is this person…

A) A natural material fanatic. Woven fabrics are right up their alley, which is why they need to store their houseplants in nothing less than a Seagrass Belly Basket. Natural charm for deserving plants, in a home that emphasises a free-spirited attitude towards life.

For plants that warrant a stylish new home

B)  Elegance comes as standard with this type. The brighter and bolder the better, so their dining table come Christmas Day won’t look right without a selection of our colourful Rustic Pillar Candles. Just make sure they unwrap this one before the turkey gets served if they want to dine in some real style!

Rustic by name, rustic by nature

C) Wood holds a special place in this individual’s heart. Wooden furniture doesn’t rule out wooden ornaments though, which is why they’ll love our Woodo Figurines. Did we mention that they liked wooden décor?

Our Woodo Figurines love all the attention we're giving them!

D) This lucky gift receiver admires anything that’s built to last. They love nothing more than products made with metal and that aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. Timeless designs are their cup of tea, so they’ll heap on the praise for one of our classics, the Soho Magazine Rack.

Treat your magazines to a proper home, Soho style!


The results are in, so depending on which letter you selected for each round, here’s what our psychic saintly powers have come up with.

Did you answer:

1. Mostly As?

This is a bona fide bohemian lover at heart. A free spirit and the opposite of minimal and sleek, this individual has a thing for fringe, natural fabrics and doesn’t like to play by the rules. They’ll adore our bohemian range.

2. Mostly Bs?

For this person, it’s sophistication all the way. Velvet, bright colours and bold designs are this receiver’s way of expressing their true personality. Direct them over to our velvet range to give them more food for thought. They’ll thank you later.

3. Mostly Cs?

Rustic by nature. This person is all about rustic vintage décor, whether they’re finishing off their farmhouse kitchen or making last-minute adjustments to their French style dining room. To them, furniture needs to look vintage in order to have any sense of character. Show them our wooden range and watch their eyes light up in excitement!

4. Mostly Ds?

An industrial lover through and through. For this type of individual, metal doesn’t come as an optional extra with their furniture – it’s a necessity. Signpost them on to our industrial range to keep them busy going into the new year and beyond!

We hope this fun little quiz has been useful for you this week. The countdown to Christmas is ticking away, so if you’ve got any last-minute shopping plans to do or if you’re simply stuck for ideas, our website offers up a whole host of options for the big day.

Big gifts, little gifts, you name it - we’ve got you covered.

Stay safe as always Saints!

Feel the Love!

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