How To Style Your Space In 202

How To Style Your Space In 2023

How To Style Your Space In 2023

How to style your space in 2023

We’ve previously touched on some of our interior design predictions for 2023, which included statement walls, warming hues and renaissance touches. Now, as we prepare to enter our third year of the not-so-roaring twenties, one thing is certain - people want to have fun with their interiors. We are stepping into a new era of cosiness and quirk, where materials, colours and textures are pivotal. We want real spaces lived in by real people, littered with art, possessions and personality. Gone are the days of perfectly manicured, minimalist spaces - 2023 is all about feeling at home.

Decor trends tend to follow fashion and pop-culture, influenced by absolutely everything that occurs within the current zeitgeist. So, what’s been happening recently? Aside from the tidal wave of shock and devastation brought by The White Lotus finale, the haute couture world tells us that in terms of wearables, we can expect statement silhouettes, velvet, taffeta, playful embellishments and, interestingly, some nineties grunge. This suggests many fun things when it comes to interiors.

Where Saints Go founders Mark & Tracey have rounded up their top styling tips for 2023, covering everything from tiny accessories through to the big statement pieces.

Dopamine Colours

The dopamine dressing trend reigned supreme throughout Spring and Summer of 2022, and it’s a truly timeless trick for making your own happiness. Using bold, beautiful and uplifting hues is the weapon of choice for many internationally-acclaimed interior designers, including India Mahdavi, who recently updated both Miami’s esteemed MAKOTO and the Gallery at Sketch London in warming sunshine tones not a million miles away from Dulux’s 2023 colour of the year.

Eclectic Pieces

While earthen ceramics and stonewares are a safe bet that will remain relevant in any era, we’re expecting to see a resurgence of the weird, wacky and wonderful when it comes to ornaments and decorations. While we might not be fully immersing ourselves in the waters of waving cats and cuckoo clocks, buying habits suggest that we are straying outside the lines. Expect upholstered accessories, eclectic artwork and unexpected novelty pieces

Statement Materials

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to invest in that statement embossed rug or velvet wall tapestry - now is absolutely the right time to go ahead. 2023 is the year of texture and personality, something which is guaranteed when it comes to playing with different fabrics and materials.

It’s also important not to play it too safe in terms of colour; opt for vibrant jewel tones so that the lustre of your velvet can be admired and enjoyed. Fortune favours the bold, so do away with beige and go for something brave - even if it's only on an accent piece such as a reading chair or lampshade.

Powerful Patterns

Seventies staples are seeing a resurgence. While questionable parenting styles and handlebar sideburns are thankfully staying put, there are some key elements from this era that we are happy to see make a comeback. These include warm brown tones, bright bold patterns (think paisley and chequer) and imperfect accessories such as hand-painted plates, jugs and ornaments.

In our keen departure from the pristine feel of modern day factory-moulded, AI-generated living, we are all in search (and in need) of some authentic and outlandish home comforts - the sort that encourage creativity and expression. Another pattern prediction for 2023 is animal print, something which caught everyone’s attention in Fausto Puglisi’s Queen of Cavalli Chair, blending neoclassical sculpting alongside vibrant, luxurious patterns, material and colour.