5 Space-Consuming Pieces of Furniture and Their Alternatives

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5 Space-Consuming Pieces of Furniture and Their Alternatives
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5 Space-Consuming Pieces of Furniture and Their Alternatives

But even those of us lucky enough to have more space in larger homes would still welcome less clutter and more room for guests and entertainment; the more free square footage you have, the easier it is to clean and tidy, and generally speaking your living environment becomes more tranquil and simpler to maintain.  

So, what’s the solution? There are a few obvious space-hogging culprits that we recognise at Where Saints Go, so we’ve drawn up a list of them and offered some nifty alternatives, whilst ensuring that style and quality are not compromised.

Right then. Are you ready to streamline your style zones? Let’s get started.


1.     Side Tables


A common space-hogger, side tables look great when arranged properly, but they tend to dominate several pockets of a room, cluttering up corners and taking up the space beside chairs and sofas, even when not in use. This makes for a frustrating scenario that many unnecessarily put up with.

The solution? Our industrial nest of tables with decorative tops are a lifesaver. Not only do they look stunning, but just like Russian dolls, they come in a set of 3 in incremental sizes. They handily stack together with ease, perfect for de-cluttering a room!

What’s more, each tabletop has a different design, adding a touch of industrial, yet sophisticated variety to the individual areas of your living room, conservatory or even outdoor patio/garden. Stacking them all together is a joy, tripling the amount of floor space you would have lost with standard, un-stackable tables.


 2.     Outdoor Chairs

 Whilst there’s sometimes more space outside in the garden or on the patio, that doesn’t mean we can’t pinch every square inch where possible. Many outdoor garden chairs can be unnecessarily cumbersome to move and store when not needed – and given how typical the British summer weather can be, that’s a lot of time to be spent taking up space with no purpose!

Enter our Bamboo Folding Chair. Lightweight, foldable for dead easy storage and styled in a super-Scandi meets Bohemian theme.

Your garden tiki-bar parties will stretch well into the night (weather permitting!) now that you’ve got the peace of mind knowing the clutter can be cleared away in minutes. Much preferable to having to cover heavy chairs and tables from the elements, or haul them inside to a house not designed to accommodate their girth.

Their bamboo construction makes them both incredibly stylish yet extraordinarily lightweight – bamboo is renowned for its useful properties (it’s 2 to 3 times stronger than timber, and it’s tensile strength to weight ratio is 6 times stronger than steel!), hence its use for construction in so many exotic parts of the world. Just the ticket for your outdoor party scene.

Bamboo Folding Chair


  3.     Cocktails on the Lawn


Speaking of Tiki parties, what better way to christen your new Bamboo folding chairs than with a drinks trolley that’s virtually tailor made for the experience?

The Rattan Tiki Bar Cart/Drinks Trolley is a match made in heaven for your bamboo collection, and fits the theme perfectly.

Giving off some serious Polynesian 1930s/40s vibes, this trolley doesn’t just let the rum and gin do the talking.

Perfect for either outdoor BBQs/cocktail parties or inside shenanigans, the nifty wheels make this incredibly portable, so you can wheel the fun in and out whenever you fancy. This makes it just as much of a space-saver as a party piece, giving you the best of both worlds. The ideal way to entertain your guests, without compromising garden lawn footage or indoor bar floor space.

 Tiki Bar Cart Drinks Trolley


 4.     Kitchen Bar Stools with Panache


The kitchen is an area of the home where often speed and efficiency are key – playing the centerpiece to those rushed morning pre school-run breakfasts, or the quick slice of toast before dashing off to work.

There often isn’t enough time to have a proper sit-down meal, and so some no-nonsense furniture is important to ensure you start the working day in the best possible way.  

Jakarta is your answer. Super-skinny and easy to slide under worktops, tables and kitchen islands, this is a bar stool with no fuss, takes up the minimum of space and provides heaps of style at the same time.

Coming in either natural rattan or black rattan, Jakarta is a jack of all trades when it concerns Scandi-styling, industrial solidity, minimised floor space coverage and versatility depending on the occasion. It can just as easily be transferred from the kitchen, to the home bar, the garden or even the dining room if you opt for a high dining table. A real no-brainer when it comes to space-saving with swagger.

 Jakarta Bar Stool

5.      Wake up and smell the coffee…


Coffee tables are often a great way of showing off your quirky side, as they can come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. The problem, like with so many other examples of furniture, is that they are often unnecessarily bulky and dominate a living room space.

Or, they can become cluttered themselves when used to balance several hot drinks trays on them when you’ve got several guests round for an afternoon cuppa, or an evening of drinks.

Our handmade square aged tray coffee table with natural nickel base kills two birds with one stone. Its snazzy, nickel scissor-style legs are incredibly minimalist and stylish whilst not taking up much of your floor area.

By the same token, it comes with three separate, rustic aged French tea trays which are designed to come together as one to make up the entire tabletop. They can be removed with ease for those quick refill trips to the kitchen and back, but when you’re done, you won’t need anywhere to store the individual trays – just place them back into their sections on the coffee table, and you’re sorted! An ingenious idea to save space, make life easier and have your guests whooping with delight at the cleverness of such a design. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that turn out to be the best.

 Coffee Table

So there you have it. Saving space in your home can be a head-scratcher at times, but often all it takes is a quick re-think of your furniture and accessories whilst being smart with the ones you buy.

De-cluttering a living space can be an incredibly cleansing, therapeutic activity, and doing so with close attention to detail in terms of style only adds to the overall experience.

We hope these tips have been helpful, and we’ll see you soon for our next weekly topic. So for now, from the team here at Where Saints Go, stay safe, and…

Feel the love!




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